“Why did JiDion get banned on Twitch?” has been one of the most searched queries on the internet. It has sparked a discussion on Twitch being an unsafe space for females. 

There have been a lot of attacks stemming from racism and sexism on the Twitch platform. JiDion, unfortunately, took the fall for it after his disgraceful act. He instigated his followers to type hateful comments on Pokimane’s page. This led to an outrage on social media platforms and his eventual dismissal from the platform. 

Stay glued to this article for more information on JiDion’s ban on Twitch and its resultant effect.

Why Did JiDion Get Banned On Twitch?

The popular YouTube and Twitch streamer JiDion was banned from creating content and using the platform. This was an initial 14-day penalty that was eventually made permanent.

This punishment was a result of the attack he instigated against Pokimane. JiDion sent his followers to harass Pokimane on her stream. 

JiDion went live and was watching Pokimane’s Valorant stream. While watching, he instructed his followers to type “L + ratio” on her page.

This act forced Pokimane to switch to a follower-only mode. This must have annoyed JiDion as he made his followers follow her and continue the violence. 

Pokimane ended the stream earlier than she would have loved to in a bid to protect her community. She did not want them to be part of the harassment she was facing.

She was heard saying over the stream, “I can deal with this” before she ended the stream. 

Although JiDion’s previous videos suggested that he had issues with Pokimane, social media users don’t see it as a reason for JiDion’s despicable behavior.

Pokimane took to her Twitter handle and proved that it went beyond the hate raid. She listed actions and foul language that JiDion had used on her. Top on the list was careless sexist comments. 

JiDion alleged that she had an audience because of her sexual appeal. JiDion took the attacks beyond the Twitch platform down to Instagram. Poor Pokimane was flooded with threats and insults, and her private life was also discussed. 

JiDion talked one of the streamers, Ninja, into helping to reverse his permanent ban. Pokimane heard about it and addressed it publicly. She was unfortunately faced with threats of legal steps by Ninja’s people. 

Who Is JiDion?

Now that we’ve answered the question: “Why did JiDion get banned on Twitch?” let’s look at who JiDion is. American YouTuber Jidon Adams, or JiDion as he’s most often known, was born on December 12, 2000.

JiDion’s material consists primarily of comedy vlogs and prank videos showing him in public areas and messing with people. 

JiDion started frequently streaming on his Twitch account in August 2021, despite launching the channel in February 2021. Before the ban, he had 305k Twitch followers.


Twitch is one of many social networks that takes online bullying seriously. Since the ban, many platform users have praised Twitch for taking the right action and banning him for his behavior. Overall, this article has answered the question: “Why did JiDion get banned on Twitch?”.