Why Can’t I Post on Instagram?

Have you had a problem posting on Instagram and wondered, “Why can’t I post on Instagram?”. Though this may be frustrating, there are ways to work around it and get your posts up again. 

There are several potential reasons why you can’t post on Instagram. It could relate to issues with your device, network errors, or internet server problems. In addition, Instagram won’t upload your post if it goes against their terms and policies. For instance, it could result from obtaining likes and followers unethically. Troubleshooting the issue is easy if you know the steps.

The frustration of being unable to post on Instagram knows no bounds. And this post will provide you with more information on troubleshooting the issue.

Why Can’t I Post On Instagram?

So, you’re wondering: Why can’t I post on Instagram? Well, many situations could result in you being unable to post on Instagram. And identifying the cause of the problem will give you the solution.

First, Instagram encourages users to share their own unique photographs and videos. Instagram will not allow you to upload photographs or videos if you are doing so without the owner’s consent. It is against Instagram’s policy for users to extract reels and videos from the service and then post them again.

Secondly, your internet connection may also be problematic. It may take some time for Instagram to upload a high-quality video if you’re using it on a slow connection.

Thirdly, when someone reports your account for spam or hateful comment, Instagram may suspend your account. This action can last for a few hours, days, or weeks. If you try to publish to Instagram within a restricted period, it will not permit you.

Also, many Instagrammers today look for quick ways to get to the ranks of influencers. If Instagram discovers that you are purchasing followers, likes, or comments, they will immediately suspend your account. Along with the suspension, you’ll be unable to upload pictures and videos. Your Instagram account will be permanently disabled sooner or later.

Furthermore, server outages are not typical, yet they occasionally happen. The Instagram servers may be inaccessible at inopportune periods due to routine maintenance, security updates, or extreme usage. Lastly, using an old version of the Instagram app might cause uploading problems.

How to Solve Issues with Uploading on Instagram

Now that you’ve identified the different reasons why Instagram refuses to upload your post, it’s easy to fix the problems. Below are some troubleshooting methods to try:

1. Restart The Phone

One of the most straightforward steps is to restart your phone. This helps the app to reload and freshen up.

2. Minimize The Size Of Your File

Stay away from pictures and videos that have a large file size. Try reducing the file size online or uploading one at a time.

3. Disconnect And Reconnect The Network

If there’s a problem with your network connection, you won’t be able to post on Instagram. However, you may never know. Turn off and turn on your data connection to kickstart the network.

4. Clear The Memory

Try deleting the cached files on your Instagram app or clearing your phone space. Clogging your device’s memory may lead to these issues. If this doesn’t help, delete and reinstall the app.

5. Stick To Instagram’s Rules And Regulations

Go through the platform’s rules and regulations and their terms and policies to ensure you’re not going against any.

6. Try Again At Another Time

Give the app a little time, as it may be experiencing some server problems.


The issue of Instagram upload errors shouldn’t bother you. And if you’re still wondering, “Why can’t I post on Instagram?” simply follow the processes in this post to get back on track.