Thousands of Instagram users often wonder, “Why can’t I post multiple photos on Instagram?” Yet, this social media platform has been one of the most used channels for millions of users worldwide for a long time.

Thus, it will not be wrong to say that millions depend on the proper working of the app to share their photos, thoughts, and videos.

There are several reasons behind the question, “Why can’t I post multiple photos on Instagram?” Thankfully, there are solutions to overcome such issues. For example, you may press and hold on to a specific photo to get the option that lets you post multiple images. Other solutions include checking your internet connectivity and clearing the cache.

A Bit About Instagram

Currently owned by Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook Inc.), Instagram is an American video and photo-sharing social media platform. It was started in 2010 by Mike Kreiger and Kevin Systrom.

Today, it’s the fourth most prominent social media network in the world, with over 2 billion monthly active users.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps, with millions of daily active users. This number is also steadily rising each month.

Instagram has several filters to help users edit their media according to their needs. You may also organize your content with hashtags.

In addition, Instagram allows its users to control the viewers who can view their content. For instance, if you want a handful of your chosen followers to view your content, you may change the setting accordingly and vice versa.

What Are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is an exciting feature that allows users to share various moments of a day with their followers. It includes photos you might not want to keep in your profile.

When you share several videos and pictures, they appear in a slideshow to your viewers. Instagram Stories frees you from the trouble of over-posting in your profile.

On the other hand, Stories gives you added options to be more creative and share whatever you want with your followers. Instagram provides texts, drawing tools, and other options to help you always present your story to your viewers in a new and improved way.

Why Can’t I Post Multiple Photos On Instagram?

There are several reasons people cannot post multiple photos on Instagram. If you are also wondering, “Why can’t I post multiple photographs on Instagram,” thankfully, there are ways to overcome the problem.

  • You may press and hold a photo uploaded on your Instagram profile. This will bring the option ‘Select Multiple’ that you need to choose to upload multiple images.

  • There could simply be a technical glitch that may prevent you from uploading multiple photos. Better wait for Instagram to fix the problem from their end.

  • Your internet connection may also be a major cause behind this problem that you need to fix.

  • Suppose you are using mobile data to upload photos on your Instagram profile. In that case, it may so happen that the Data Saver option is active, or you have exhausted your mobile data.

  • Users can’t upload large or very high-resolution photos on the platform. Therefore, it might help to reduce the size of the images you wish to upload.


Instagram is a renowned social media platform boasting users in the millions across the globe. The American social networking app let its users upload and share various forms of media, such as photos and videos, with others.

However, some of you may encounter a problem while trying to upload multiple photos on your Instagram profile. 

Although there may be several causes behind the problem, there are many solutions to overcome the issue. By now, you probably know the reasons behind the question, “Why Can’t I Post Multiple Photos on Instagram?”