Are you having trouble with Instagram Story upload and wondering, “Why are my Instagram Stories blurry?”. This can be frustrating and give your account a very unprofessional look.

So what do you do if your Instagram stories appear blurry, and what’s behind this?

There are several approaches to fixing blurry Instagram stories depending on where the problem may be coming from. You can update the Instagram app, as older versions may have uploading issues. Also, try switching to your mobile data instead or using an external connection, depending on which was earlier. Also, turn off the data saver on your Instagram.

In this article, I’ll explain why your Instagram stories appear blurry. It should help you fix this problem quickly and get your profile in shape.

Why Are My Instagram Stories Blurry?

So, why are my Instagram Stories blurry? There are different reasons why your Instagram Stories are blurry or appear to be so. Firstly, it could be because you don’t have a good Internet connection. This is the most common reason for this problem.

In other cases, you may experience this after backing up your device. The process may have damaged or corrupted specific files.

Again, know that photos taken at a higher resolution on your phone are automatically cropped or reduced in size by Instagram. Therefore, Instagram itself may be the cause of the glitch.

Furthermore, there may be a problem with your Instagram version, among other minor issues. Now that you know these problems, how do you get them fixed?

How To Fix Blurry Instagram Stories

There are multiple ways to fix issues concerning blurry Instagram Stories. Below are some of the steps that can help you solve this problem:

Update Your Instagram App

Why not check if the app you’re using is out of data and doesn’t sit well with Instagram anymore? You can update your Instagram app from the Play Store on Android phones and the Instagram Store for iOS.

Simply open the application, search for Instagram, and click “update,” following any other on-screen instructions.

Switch Your Network

If you’re connected to a network via hotspot, you should probably switch it to your mobile data. If vice versa, you may need to connect to an external data source. 

In most cases, the problem arises when you are connected to an external data source. Therefore, make sure you turn off your hotspot and turn on your mobile data.

Turn Off Data Saver On Instagram

If none of the steps work, you may want to turn off the data saver in your Instagram settings. When you navigate to your settings, simply use the Search command available and search for the data saver. 

If you find the toggle on, switch it off and save. You should also turn on the High-Quality upload setting on your Instagram.


It’s such a problem having glitches with your Instagram Stories upload, especially after a big post arrangement. With these simple steps, I believe you have all the answers to “Why are my Instagram Stories blurry?”