What Does SMT Mean On Instagram?

Have you ever encountered the term “SMT” and wondered, “What does SMT mean on Instagram?” With the rise of social media, we’ve seen an enormous proliferation of abbreviations and acronyms.

If you’re unfamiliar with them, they can seem like some sort of secret code that only specific individuals can understand and use. So what does SMT mean on Instagram, and does your post need this tag?

SMT is generally an abbreviation for “something” but can mean multiple things on Instagram. Firstly, it could stand for “Sucking My Teeth,” which shows disapproval or dislike. Secondly, it could be “Send Me This” or “Send Me That” when you desire a post. Lastly, it could mean “Smiling to Myself.”

In this post, we’ll clarify the different meanings of SMT on Instagram posts. Keep reading to see whether you might just be using it on your next upload.

What Is SMT On Social Media?

There is no universally accepted form of SMT across all social media sites. The social media site in question has dramatically influenced what this means.

The acronym SMT can be interpreted in several ways and can either portray a cool feeling or render an insult. Most generally, SMT is an abbreviation for “something,” according to the Urban Dictionary.

The word has often popped up on several social media posts, replacing “something” in the sentence. In TikTok, for example, you’ll see a lot of “SMT” standing for “something.”

The question is, “Can we say the same for Instagram?”

What Does SMT Mean On Instagram?

While some persons may use SMT to stand for “something” on Instagram, it is more commonly used for other terms, as we have below:

SMT – “Sucking My Teeth”

The action of “sucking” your teeth initially gave birth to this slang because of the noise it makes. Sucking your teeth is meant to make a hissing noise to show disapproval.

Let’s say you come across a message on social media with which you strongly disagree. You may like to air your views but don’t know how to express your feelings about them. Perhaps, you simply don’t want to type an epistle. You can just go with SMT to do this.

It might also occur in the context of a conversation, should your conversation partner express disapproval or you have doubts about anything.

SMT – “Send Me This” or “Send Me That”

While perusing your friend’s Instagram posts, you could stumble upon a video or photo that you really must have. You may abbreviate “Send me this” or “Send me that” to “SMT” instead of typing out the whole phrase each time.

The “Send me this” connotation is what you want your buddy to assume when you use the abbreviation, so be clear about that. Also, you may want to add “please” to your comment as “please SMT.” 

Many social users, especially those you’re unfamiliar with, could take offense at a simple SMT. It could sound quite insulting.

SMT – “Smiling To Myself”

Instagram users seldom use “SMT” in this way, although some do so to refer to the post’s headline. Ensure the receiver understands that you mean “smiling to myself,” just as you would if you said, “Send me this/that.” A follow-up emoji can do just fine.


The term “SMT” is becoming more widely used among Instagrammers. At least, when you come across it again, you don’t need to wonder, “What does SMT mean on Instagram?”