What Does Poke Mean On Facebook?

Encountering the poke feature on Facebook may make you wonder, “What does poke mean on Facebook?”. While this feature may not be among the many features you use on the platform, it actually has exciting qualities. So, what does poke mean on Facebook, and how do you use it on the platform?

Poking on Facebook is a way of attracting a user’s attention, alerting a user, or flirting with friends. It works the same way as liking posts on the platform because it notifies the person that they were poked. Though the art of poking was a trend in earlier times, it is now an outdated way of alerting friends.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you should about poking on Facebook and how to use the feature. Make sure you read all the way through so you don’t miss any important information about Facebook poking.

What Does Poke Mean on Facebook?

A poke is similar to a like. The difference is that the intention of the poke is far more unclear. When someone likes your post, you typically know they enjoyed your content. However, when someone pokes you, there’s no knowing what the person has in mind.

Poking allows users to say “hi” to a friend or show that they’re interested in them without having to say anything. This is the typical definition from Urban Dictionary. If someone uses the Poke function, they want to get your attention, send you an alert, or flirt with you. 

Should someone send you a poke and you don’t want to respond, you can ignore it. You can remove a poke on Facebook by clicking the gray “X” so you don’t have to see it.

If the notifications keep coming, you can always block the person who sent them, especially if you’re not friends with them. Facebook users can’t send more pokes to someone they’ve already poked until the other person responds or pokes back. 

Should You Poke Someone On Facebook?

To most users, Facebook Pokes are little more than a nostalgic throwback to the site’s infancy. In 2004, it was merely a whimsical way for college students to start a conversation or spark romance. However, the poke is now obsolete. 

However, the ultimate goal of the Facebook poke remains to initiate additional conversations between real people. This doesn’t mean you should go poking your friends on the platform. A quick message on Messenger or a comment on their profile is a more appropriate greeting.

How To Poke Someone On Facebook

Begin by choosing who you want to poke. Visit the Facebook pokes page to access your pokes page. You can poke suggested pals or use the search bar to find specific persons.

Then you can select the blue “Poke” button and click on it. After being poked, the recipient will see a notice about it.


Do you still have it in mind to poke that friend of yours? Well, when you wonder, “what does poke mean on Facebook?” you now know what it’s about.