If you have used Twitch, you must have wondered: What does POG mean on Twitch? Unfortunately, several phrases and words are used on the website that you might not understand.

And visiting any social media platform where most users are youngsters, you’re sure to come across numerous unfamiliar acronyms and slang.

If you are a frequent user of Twitch, you must have come across the acronym POG. If you are wondering about the true meaning of the slang, the complete form of POG is “play of the game.” Gamers use the term after something epic or exciting takes place. Sometimes, gamers also use the term POGGERS as a synonym to POG.

Let’s take a closer look at this incredible platform and the meaning of the abbreviation “POG”.

What Is Twitch?

If you are a gamer, then you must be aware of Twitch. This American live video streaming platform is designed mainly for video gamers. Different types of games are live-streamed on Twitch.

However, you will also find various other broadcasts on the channel, such as music broadcasts and ESports competitions. Twitch is managed by Twitch Interactive, an Amazon.com, Inc. subsidiary, and was initiated in June 2011.

Viewers have the liberty of viewing live streams or videos on demand. Soon the popularity of Twitch overshadowed Justin.tv, a general-interest counterpart. Within a couple of years of getting introduced, the live video streaming platform had more than 45 million unique viewers.

What Does POG Mean On Twitch?

Are you trying to find the answer to the question, “What Does POG Mean on Twitch?”. Since gamers mainly use the platform, they also created the term. POG means play of the game, which gamers use as an expression after anything exciting takes place. A common synonym of POG is POGGERS.

If a gamer wins a game by a considerable margin, they use the term POG. In such cases, you might find them using phrases like “That was POGGERS!”. Gamers send messages to fellow gamers saying “POG” or “POGGERS” after something extraordinary occurs.

What Is POGChamp?

It may be challenging to ascertain when gamers started using POG on Twitch. It is also challenging to determine when the jargon became popular and a standard part of Twitch vocabulary. However, you can say that the term POG came from POGChamp emote.

POGChamp emote is used by Twitch live video viewers to express their surprise or excitement to boost the channel. The original emote was an image of Ryan Gutierrez, where he is shown with a surprised look on his face and an open mouth.


As long as there are social media platforms, with youngsters forming a large chunk of the user base, you are bound to come across newly created acronyms and slang. For example, if you are a frequent user of Twitch, you must be aware of the term POG.

The word means “play of the game” and is used as an expression after anything exciting takes place. This should answer your question, “What Does POG Mean on Twitch?”.