What Does Copyright Claim Mean On YouTube?

If you have received a copyright claim on YouTube, you might ask, “What does copyright claim mean on YouTube?”.

Most may not be aware of copyright claims, and some may start worrying at the slightest mention. Will such a claim affect you in any way? And how does one resolve copyright claims?

When a person creates something unique, he files a copyright for the same. The objective is to prevent others from making copies of the creation or using it without permission. If caught doing so, legal action can be taken against the person. Therefore, if you upload a video on YouTube that doesn’t belong to you, the video will risk receiving a copyright claim.

This article will delve into YouTube and what a copyright claim means on the platform. We’ll also discuss what to expect should you receive a copyright claim.

Find Out About YouTube

YouTube is a worldwide widespread video content sharing and social media channel. According to recent data, 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute by billions of users.

Similarly, long hours of videos are also viewed daily by them. After Google Search, YouTube ranks second amongst the most visited websites.

Currently, YouTube is owned by Google. Ever since Google bought the website, there has been a rapid expansion in YouTube’s business model.

It went beyond being a website to being made available via network television and mobile apps. People use YouTube to watch different types of videos, such as movie clips, music videos, documentaries, and news, to name a few.

What Does Copyright Claim Mean On YouTube?

Many may be wondering: What does copyright claim mean on YouTube? Several types of video content come with a copyright.

At the same time, several users upload the same video under their name without finding out whether the videos contain copyright. You will risk receiving a copyright claim if you do such a thing.

A person with a copyrighted video will most likely use YouTube’s Content ID tool. This tool will enable the owner of the copyrighted content to manage and protect it on YouTube.

In addition, since the person owns the video, he can decide what all actions to take against anybody using the same video under their name without prior consent.

What Happens If My Content Receives a Copyright Claim?

YouTube will send you an email if your content is flagged with a copyright claim. The topic of the email will read, “A copyright claim was created for the content in ‘Your Video Title’”. You might also see a notice on your YouTube Studio dashboard alerting you of the copyright claim.

This email will usually provide you with information on what to do next. You may be prompted to take it down if YouTube hasn’t already removed the video. Alternatively, should YouTube have flagged your video incorrectly, you should be able to provide an explanation and request a review.


YouTube is a popular video-sharing website with millions of users worldwide. Most of the videos uploaded on YouTube have copyright protection.

You may obtain a copyright claim if you utilize such a video in your name. Given the above information, you should now have the answer to the question, “What does copyright claim mean on YouTube?”.