Verma Farms Review

Verma Farms Review: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

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Verma Farms Review: Verma Farms is a CBD oil company that is inspired by the islands of Hawaii. Today we’re going to review them and you’ll also find an exclusive discount coupon. You won’t find this coupon anywhere else.

Verma Farms cares about making their company sustainable and sourcing their cannabis from farms that care about this as well.

Their major point of difference is that they sell CBD gummies, a relatively new boom in the CBD oil industry. When choosing the right CBD company, it’s important to know how they compare to others out there. This way, you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you.

Let’s review Verma Farms and determine whether they’re the kind of CBD oil company you can trust or not.

Verma Farms Review: Who Are Verma Farms?

The first thing that you find out about when you visit the Verma Farms website is that they’re based in Hawaii, and they source their cannabis from Maui.

As a result, they are an American run and owned company, and source all of their cannabis product from within the states. This is a plus for a lot of people who can’t be sure of the growing standards elsewhere. They also say that they are free of THC, which is great for people who want the medicinal benefits of CBD without the high.

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Where Do They Source Hemp From?

Verma Farms sources their hemp from organic farms, which means they place a special emphasis on their products being free of pesticides.

So far, they’re doing pretty good – we especially like their ethos around sustainability and sourcing organic plant material. They even offer free shipping to all U.S. states, allowing you to access American-grown CBD from wherever you are.

Verma Farms Review - features


We have tried some of Verma Farms’ products, and as a result, we believe that they are both effective at what they do and high quality. Let’s break down exactly why we think that Verma Farms offer some great CBD products:

  • Home Grown: it’s easy to gloss over this advantage, but it carries more weight than you may realize. The fact that their plant material is grown in Maui, where they’re based, means that they are able to stay on top of the growing standards. Not only is their plant material organic, but it’s also grown with strict regulations in place, guaranteeing its quality. This isn’t something you can find with all CBD companies, especially those that source their plant material from overseas.
  • CBD Gummies: one product that we love especially is their CBD gummies, which is still a pretty new product on the market. This delicious, fun way to take your daily dose of CBD is also natural too, which mean they’re made from natural ingredients and come in many different flavors, including mango and tropical cherry.
  • CO2 Extraction: the CO2 method of extraction is one of the most effective ways to extract your CBD from the plant material. It also happens to be one of the safest, too, because it doesn’t involve any cheap synthetic materials or preservatives. This pure way of extracting CBD isn’t used by every CBD company out there, so it’s good to take notice when a company does use it.
  • Lab Testing: we’re pleased to say that Verma Farms lab test all of their organic CBD products, and they have the lab test results on their website to prove it. Again, this is an advantage that you aren’t going to come across with every CBD company out there, so it’s just another sign that Verma Farms are doing all the right things.


The only thing negative we have to say about Verma Farms is that their gummies do come with a little artificial coloring. While this isn’t the end of the world, this does put a small spanner in the works when it comes to their ‘all-natural’ image.


verma farms review - gummies

Verma Farms doesn’t have the biggest range of CBD products available, but this can be both a positive and a negative. Let’s break down their products a bit more:

  • Gummies: as we mentioned, Verma Farms focuses almost exclusively on gummies as their point of difference, and have a lot of different flavors as a result. From melon and blueberry to apple and even sugar-free, there are a lot of options to choose from depending on your palate.
  • Oral Drops: the only other product that Verma Farms focuses on is oral drops. These come in three different forms – one for sleep, one for energizing in the mornings, and the third for a boost when you need it.


Now that we’ve talked about Verma Farms and what they’re all about, let’s figure out exactly how much they will set you back in terms of cost:

  • Gummies: as we mentioned above, Verma Farms have a wide range of gummies available in many different flavors. Each gummy flavor comes in a 250mg container and will set you back $29.99, which we think is pretty reasonable. Again, the ingredients list varies depending on which flavor you’re getting, which you can expect things like citric acid and vegetable oil in some. However, there was nothing too nasty that we could see in any of them.
  • Oral Drops: similar to their CBD gummies, Verma Farms, has just three different options when it comes to their CBD oil. Within the three options, you’ve got a choice of 500mg or 1000mg, and they are currently all on sale for $44.99 down from $74.99 for 500mg and $54.99 for 1000mg. While it may feel like this isn’t the hugest range, we think that they make up for this in the quality of their products. In fact, we like that they’ve kept it nice and simple.

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Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve been able to find everything you were looking for in relation to Verma Farms in this article. Our personal opinion is that Verma Farms is the best cbd oil on the market; and has some great, organic products. Don’t forget to use your discount coupon when you buy from them.

If you’re after a company that sources all of its plant materials on home turf and you like your CBD products to be affordable, then we recommend Verma Farms as your go-to CBD oil.

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