Verified CBD Alternatives (They Shut Down)

Verified CBD Review

Verified CBD Alternatives (They Shut Down)

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Verified CBD has both sprays and drops on offer – a point of difference to make them stand out.

How does Verified CBD compare with other CBD brands, though? Let’s review them & break it down for you.

Who Are Verified CBD?

Verified CBD is an American-owned company that has its headquarters in Miami, FL. Unlike many online CBD companies these days, they actually have a physical location that you can track them to, and they actively encourage you to connect with them if you have any questions. This is a great sign that they are experts at what they do and they’re proud of the products that they sell.

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We also should mention that Verified CBD can legally ship its products to all 50 states in the U.S., meaning that even if you live in a state that still has restrictions around cannabis, you have access to their products.

Verified CBD Pros

We have tried some of Verified CBD’s products, including their CBD oil and capsules. Through our experience, we feel confident in saying that they are both high quality and effective at what they do. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why we think that Verified CBD is a company worth giving a go:

  • High Potency: these guys have some pretty potent products, which is great for effectiveness. Their most concentrated product is 750mg in one dose, which is at least three times more than most other brands on the market.
  • Unique Terpenes: it’s widely known that terpenes are essential for the ‘entourage effect,’ or the ability to absorb CBD when it’s mixed with other hemp compounds. Verified CBD comes with natural terpenes including CBC and CBN.
  • CO2 Extraction: the CO2 method of extraction is by far the safest and most effective way of extracting your CBD from the plant. We’re pleased to see that Verified CBD is using this method of extraction.
  • Lab Testing: not all CBD companies out there put their products through lab tests for purity and potency. Verified CBD does, however, which immediately puts them above the others when it comes to doing due diligence for the customer.
  • American-Sourced Hemp: Verified CBD gets all of its hemp products from hemp farms in Kentucky. One thing to know about this is that it’s not easy to get a license to grow hemp in Kentucky, which means that any hemp you get from this region of the state is going to be highly regulated for quality.
  • Been Around for a Long Time: in fact, Verified CBD has been around since 2014, and while this doesn’t seem like the longest time, it is when you think about how long the CBD industry has been around, which is more like two to three years. This makes them one of the original CBD companies.

Verified CBD Cons

The only thing that stands out to us when reviewing this company that could be considered slightly negative is just how correct the information is on their CBD spray bottles. This is because they have many different sprays that can help with a variety of issues, from weight loss to sleep issues and even energy and focus. The question is: how different are all of these sprays from one another?

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The reason why we feel a bit skeptical about this is that, for example, we found the exact same ingredients in the anti-anxiety spray and the sleep spray. While we can’t definitively prove that the difference between these two and others is nothing more than a placebo, we also can’t disprove it, either.


We don’t think that Verified CBD has the biggest range of products available. However, we are impressed with the quality of the products that they do have. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from this CBD company in terms of product availability:

  • Dog Treats: their dog treats come in packs of 30. We recommend giving half a treat to smaller dogs, and two whole treats to bigger breeds.
  • Topical Cream: Verified CBD’s topical creams come in several different forms, including anti-aging. You can also get a pain relief topical cream, as well as a re-energizing formula for your skin. Rub the cream into the affected area, and you’ll experience almost instant relief.
  • Pills and Capsules: this is an excellent option if you don’t like taking CBD oil in dropper form because of the taste. They come in bottles of 30 and vary in concentration.
  • Oral Spray: if you’re not someone who is bothered by the taste of CBD oil, then this could be a good option. Simply spray two times underneath the tongue, and hold for at least 10 seconds so that it can absorb properly. There are many different formulations when it comes to Verified CBD’s oral spray, from pain relief and energy to weight loss.
  • Oral Drops: again, if you don’t mind the taste of CBD and like the idea of better absorption through the tongue, their oral drops are another great option.

Pricing Review

Let’s take a look at the different price points offered with Verified CBD’s products:

  • Dog Treats: $37.95 for a pack of 30
  • Topical Cream: their 1 oz tubs of topical cream range from $43.95 to $47.95, and come in different forms from anti-aging to re-energizing.
  • Pills and Capsules: 30 capsules with a strength of 10mg each will cost you $47.95, while 25mg will set you back $77.95.
  • Oral Spray: originally $97.99, but they are on sale for $43.95.
  • Oral Drops: 30ml bottles with the recommended dose being 1 ml, so 30 doses in each bottle. The price depends on the concentration: if you want 500mg, it’ll cost $43.95, whereas if you want 1500mg, you can get it on sale for $129.95.

Review Conclusion

We hope that this article has been able to answer all your questions about Verified CBD oil. Our personal take on it is that it’s one of the best cbd oils for pain, especially when it comes to their capsules and drops.

If you’re looking for a company that’s 100% grown in the U.S.A., and you don’t want to spend too much over your budget for an effective CBD oil product, then Verified CBD is one of your best bets.

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