A Trusy Social review could help you decide if the site is worth giving a try or not. With many online platforms promising social media growth to their users, one wonders if they live up to expectations. Trusy Social is one of those platforms that provide Instagram and TikTok growth services for its users. However, this Trusy Social review will let you know what to expect from its use.

Customer reviews suggest that the platform is fast and easy to subscribe to any of its services. Their users have dedicated account managers, an active customer care service, and a secure payment platform in place. Users of Trusy Social enjoy a free account audit as part of their package. However, real users have accused them of being just another Instagram bot.

This Trusy Social review looks closely at its pros and cons, services, and the like. Ultimately, you will be able to decide for yourself if it’s worth the hype.

Trusy Social Review: Pros And Cons

The social media space is getting larger by the day. Thousands of individual users, businesses, and influencers use the platform daily and compete for attention. Getting this attention and engagement isn’t a walk in the park. It requires time, patience, and hard work. Trusy Social, like many others, can relieve you of the stress of growing your Instagram and TikTok pages.

Trusy Social is a platform that helps users experience massive organic growth on social media. With an extensive user network developed over time, their proven process uses highly targeted actions to drive engagement. They work with top influencers, which you don’t often get from similar platforms.

This platform considers its customers’ needs by providing a functional support system via email, phone, and chatbot. Trusy Social provides an account manager for each user and promises its users real followers and engagement.

With so many features, one has to wonder if that’s all there is to it. However, with the good comes the bad. For the purpose of this Trusy Social Review, below are the pros and cons.

Pros Of Trusy Social

1. Dedicated Account Manager

Trusy provides its users an account manager to guide them on how best to use the platform and its services. This manager constantly communicates its users’ performances to them and suggests hashtags that bring the desired results.

2. Functional Support System

Unlike most other companies that render similar services, Trusy Social’s customer support services make them stand out. First, they have a chatbot on their webpage that allows users to address pressing concerns.

Also, their email and phone functions are available for customers to reach them. This feature is crucial for such a service-rendering platform because customers will always have concerns.

3. Secure Payment System

Trusy Review shows that they have a safe and secure payment platform. While using this platform, users can be sure of the safety of their personal data.

4. Genuine Reviews On Its Platform

While most social media sites cannot boast of genuine reviews on their page, Trusy Social is different. The Trusy Review on their webpage carries reviews from real users, and none seem fake.

5. Free Account Audit

One of the perks of being a Trusy Social user is the free account audit that comes with a subscription. With this feature, their customers are guided on when to post and are suggested hashtags and geotags to use.

6. Free e-Books On Social Media Marketing

Tusy Social gives users access to an e-book on social media marketing. This is not a common thing to do amongst social media growth platforms.

7. Automatic Engagement

This allows users to get auto-likes, comments, and views on their posts.

8. Visible Pricing

Users of Trusy Social do not need to rack their brains before accessing their pricing. It’s all spelled out once you confirm the service you are interested in.

9. Quick Account Growth

Reviews indicate that their services are rendered fast. Users begin to see an influx of followers and engagement as soon as their packages get activated.

Cons Of Trusy Social

1. No Free Trial

With the uncertainties of using such services, users would prefer a trial version before entrusting their money. Unfortunately, Trusy Social doesn’t give their customers this luxury. It means that you have to pay before enjoying their services.

2. Risk Of A possible Ban

While Trusy Social claims to provide engagement from real users for its users, this may not be the case. Reviews from various sites show that the engagement comes from bot activities. Such activities could lead to a possible ban or account suspension.

3. Poor Retention Rate

Users of Trusy Social have complained of having their growth short-lived. The supposed followers and engagement usually last for a short while. Most of these users are not actually interested in the niche of the Trusy Social user. 

If you are looking for real organic growth, then be ready to put in the work. Apparently, Trusy Social cannot help achieve that.

4. Bogus Pricing

Trusy Social pricing is not among the affordable plans out there. With no free trial and a series of negative reviews, one would think twice before using this platform.

5. Fake Followers And Engagements

While some Trusy Social users experienced an increase in followers, most were not interested in their content. Other followers were perceived to be bots.

Trusy Social Review: Range Of Products And Services

Trusy Social offers its users three primary services:

  1. Instagram Growth
  2. TikTok Growth
  3. Press Coverage

Instagram Growth

This platform employs a tried-and-true process to send well-targeted actions from an extensive network of users built up over time to drive growth and engagement. This large user base is used to send actions to its users’ accounts and drive growth. Their system has an auto-engagement feature that ensures users’ accounts get automatic likes, views, and comments.

The system speeds up its users’ content reach on Instagram with hashtags and geolocations. Trusy Social’s account managers also guide users on the best time to post and suggest content. With all these in place, the necessary traffic and action are directed to the users, leading to growth.

TikTok Growth

This service allows its users to enjoy massive organic TikTok growth. With this service, thousands of users can be reached on TikTok. Trusy Social gives its users the chance to get high engagement on their content from the over 2 billion users of TikTok. Like Instagram’s growth, this service gives its users a dedicated account manager.

Their pricing starts at $97 for their Silver package and includes features such as:

  • Expert guidance from top influencers
  • High engagement per post
  • A high number of views per post
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Unlimited customer service
  • Free account audit
  • Increased brand presence

The gold package, which is also the most popular, costs $167 per month and has these features:

  • Expert guidance from top influencers
  • Premium engagement per post
  • Premium number of views per post
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Unlimited customer service
  • Free account audit
  • Brand Collab. database
  • Increased brand presence

The last package, Platinum, can be as much as $397 per month, as its features are:

  • Expert guidance from top influencers
  • Maximum engagement per post
  • Maximum number of views per post
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Unlimited customer service
  • Free account audit
  • Brand Collab. database
  • Increased brand presence

Press Coverage

These features, which start at $175, allow subscribers to get featured in publications for maximum credibility. Subscribing to this platform allows brands to share the same spotlight as top social media users. They use celebrity influencers and mass media coverage to drive massive growth for their users.

This feature positions the brand for attention by featuring them on top of well-known publications like Forbes, Yahoo News, Vogue, and more. These brands can easily have the kind of exposure and visibility they desire by posting articles to announce their events and milestones.

Is It Safe & Legal to Use Trusy Social

The Trusy Social platform has a safe and secure HTTPS system in place. Therefore, users can conveniently use this platform without fear of sensitive information. Also, the site does not require the password of user accounts before use. Its entire platform is secure and even makes use of PayPal for payment.

However, other Trusy Social reviews show customer dissatisfaction with its services. With a poor retention rate, its users cannot boast of receiving a long-term growth service. While most people seek these services for long-term growth and engagement, Trusy Social cannot boast of either.

There is no known law banning the use of social media growth services. However, this growth is to be organic and free from bot activities. Unfortunately, Trusy Social does not meet these conditions. Though they claim to provide natural, organic growth and engagement to their users, their activities are bot-like.

Using bots for both Instagram and TikTok growth does not meet the rules guiding these platforms. That said, this Trusy Social review would leave it with no guarantee of safety or legality in its use.

Is Trusy Social Customer Service Good?

Trusy Social brags about its excellent customer service, and we must agree. A visit to the site will show that there is a chatbot present to meet the immediate needs of its users. The platform also provides an email address and a phone number where further inquiries and complaints can be made.

Trusy Social receives a passing grade for customer service thanks to the systems in place. Some Trusy Social reviews, however, pointed out that, though you get a response, there is no assurance that your needs are being met.

Trusy Social can therefore do better by meeting its customers’ needs. This would go a long way toward boosting their services.

Is Trusy Social Easy To Use?

Using the Trusy Social platform is relatively easy and involves three steps. First, users must select their desired plan and complete the checkout page. The account manager gets in touch with the user after checkout, and the user is required to define the goals.

The user’s target niche and growth goals are defined by the user and the account manager assigned to the user. The next step is to implement the guidelines and watch the account grow.

Trusy Social features an account audit as part of the process. 24 to 48 hours after signing up on the platform, you start to see results.

For this Trusy Social review, we can confirm that the platform is easy to use.

Trusy Social Alternatives

Having an alternative to Trusy Social isn’t a bad idea, as it may not meet all the needs of its users. Among the numerous alternatives available, these stand out:


This social media growth platform provides its users with a 14-day free trial, which is quite generous. They offer their users steady, organic growth, making them a great alternative to Trusy Social.


This Instagram growth platform offers excellent features for its users. With auto-like and follow, smart unfollow, direct messaging, and up-to-date stats, users can’t get enough of it. They offer their users 24-7 customer support and have a user-friendly system in place. Try out this platform if you seek a perfect alternative to Trusy Social.


Nitreo, like others, is a social media growth platform that requires as little as two minutes to get the ball rolling. It is a single platform that contains everything you require for Instagram growth. They work around the clock to ensure that their clients’ accounts get maximum reach and engagement. We can say that it is a good substitute for Trusy Social.


With thousands of sites offering social media growth services, a detailed review is essential. To round it all up, Instagram growth is best done organically, so try putting in the work to get the growth you desire. Irrespective, this Trusy Social Review has given an in-depth analysis of all that the platform is about.