Torrenting becomes fast and fun when you use the top 10 torrenting sites to upload or download your files. However, finding torrent sites that are just right for you may not be easy. How can you tell that the site you’re using is safe, secure, and even accessible in your region?

The top torrenting sites include The Pirate Bay, 1337X, YTS, RARBG, EZTV, TorLock, Torrentz 2, LimeTorrent, TorrentDownloads, and Bibliotik. These platforms are best known for their fast download speed, usually 3-4MB/s, all things being equal. They also have an extensive library size with various files for users with numerous monthly visitors. Rest assured that ad intrusions are also exempted.

In this article, we’ve outlined some of the top torrenting sites you can use. These sites are top platforms with several monthly users and all the desired features needed in a typical torrenting site. Don’t miss out on the crucial bits of information. Read on to the end of this post.

What Is A Torrenting Site?

A torrent site is a web platform used for torrenting. Torrenting refers to the practice of using the BitTorrent network to transfer data back and forth between computers. It is a method of sharing data between peers on a network rather than to a centralized server.

The act of torrenting has earned a negative reputation for many. This is because it is usually used to transmit copyright-protected products or files marked as pirated. Still, torrenting has a lot of positive uses, such as decentralizing hosting and reducing the strain on central servers.

What To Look For In A Torrenting Site

You don’t want to use a bad torrenting site. It can expose you and your device to internet fraud and several other dangers. Hence, when picking a torrenting site, consider the following features:

Speed Of Download

That’s the typical rate at which torrents from that website may be downloaded. This is, of course, only a rough estimate and one of the most important considerations. The download rate depends heavily on the quality of the torrent files you’re using and your connection to the internet.

Library Size

The amount of the library provided by various torrent sites is also a significant consideration. Sites with extensive collections are regularly placed higher.

Ad Blocks

Ad intrusion is another feature that can ruin a user’s experience. You don’t want to have pop-ups every now and then when downloading. Nor do you want to see contests you know nothing about.

Monthly Visitors

A torrent site’s popularity may be inferred from the volume of its visitor traffic. This metric predominantly affects the ratio of seeders to leechers and other variables. It’s partly impossible to say how many seeders and leechers are available on each platform. These figures change drastically.

Top 10 Torrenting Sites

Now you’ve come to terms with torrenting and what you need in a torrent site. Below are the top torrenting sites to key into for the best torrenting experience:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has taken its place among the top torrenting sites for several years. It’s now considered a fan favorite worldwide and the most versatile platform available. The site’s primary domain counts over eighteen million unique visitors monthly. Despite efforts to restrict its span, the site has remained resilient.

One cannot say the exact number of uploads in its collection, but it spans millions. Irrespective, you can anticipate a download rate of 5 to 6 MB/s.

Due to the site’s massive user base, practically every torrent on The Pirate Bay has at least one active seeder. Along with all of that, it has a pleasant-looking user interface, comfortable for even a beginner. There are also helpful tags that differentiate between reliable and potentially harmful uploaders.

Conclusively, The Pirate Bay is, without a doubt, the best torrent site there is. It has a thriving community, no advertising forced on users, and no real drawbacks.

2. 1337X

1337X has been in the industry since 2007, providing users with a constant media supply. Many individuals make use of this platform to find downloadable games as well. However, 1337X isn’t as versatile in gaming as some other options.

At first, before becoming one of the top 10 torrenting sites 2022, 1337X was not an option to consider. It had a clumsy interface and flaws with its security. However, the platform has experienced specific redesigns and upgrades that have made it easier to use and more secure. It has even added search filters for movies that go as far as searching by “nomination for an award.”

Current statistics place the site’s monthly user volume at roughly 53 million. This is no shock with its great features, such as the site’s low load and high download speed. We’re talking 3 to 4 MB/s on average.

The only way its developers gain is via bitcoin donations. Still, it ranks among the top torrenting sites available everywhere.

3. YTS

YTS is the place to go if you need to find a particular film. This makes YTS one of the most popular torrent sites in 2022.

The site primarily focuses on providing high-definition torrents but in small sizes. This feature makes it easy for users to download via any device and with any bandwidth size. Plus, there is its attractive user interface and little ad pop-up interference. You can expect a speed of 3–4 MB/s during downloads.

Last but not least, the site has a wide selection of classics. This torrent site is the only place where you can find certain movies in 1080p. This is one of the top torrenting sites to visit if you want to watch rare or hard-to-find films.

On the downside, numerous lawsuits have forced YTS to disclose user information to outside parties. Since this is the case, we cannot stress enough the need to utilize a reliable VPN alongside it.


RARBG is a vast platform with an extensive collection of files and a download link for each one you desire. Since it began in 2018, it has scaled to become one of the top torrenting sites with over 40 million monthly hits. It’s best known for its active seeder community and high-quality torrents.

This platform stands side-by-side with The Pirate Bay for its tailored experience. It has top ten rankings in multiple categories and front-page headlines. RARBG has an extensive library size, and more files are being updated regularly with time.

Furthermore, this platform has a download speed similar to The Pirate Bay’s. The most significant disadvantage is that it has more intrusive advertisements. Also, if you want to use it in specific locations, you will need a VPN. Still, RARBG is a serious competitor among the finest torrent websites accessible today. 


Are you a lover of television who needs full episodes of your favorite TV series? Then you should go for EZTV, one of the top torrenting sites there is. TV shows are its forte, and it’s the best for finding recent HD releases.

EZTV lacks the breadth of selection of sites like RARBG, but it doesn’t make it any less substantial. The platform has approximately 20 million unique users trooping in monthly. Such a high level of users has undoubtedly contributed to its healthy seeder/leecher ratio.

Go on ahead and search for your favorite TV show. You’ll be surprised when its complete episode pops up on the platform. EZTV is bound to have what you’re looking for, no matter how new or old.

On the downside, EZTV has occasional advertising pop-ups. Still, its library selection and download speeds of 2-3 MB/s should be more than enough to fulfill your binge-watching needs.

6. TorLock

TorLock may not have the flashy feeling that keeps users glued to the platform. It’s indeed a disadvantage. Still, the platform has numerous advantages. It went live in 2010, and since then, there have been no significant disruptions to its functioning.

This platform is the grand hub for media such as movies, e-books, anime, music, TV series, etc. However, unlike other platforms from earlier, it has a limited collection for users.

Nevertheless, its torrents are well-seeded, including specific obscure titles that are otherwise difficult to track down. Only a few countries have banned the site, so you’ll likely not need to worry about a VPN.

The “no-fake torrent” approach is what truly separates TorLock from the competition. To be more specific, the developers are offering cash prizes to anyone who can identify and report rogue uploaders. We applaud such a serious dedication to user security. Therefore, TorLock is a helpful platform for P2P newbies who can’t tell reputable torrent files from bad.

7. Torrentz 2

Torrentz 2 is a platform that has popped up since 2013 and has been making waves. It’s an improvement on its predecessor Torrentz, launched in 2003. It was never a torrent site originally but a metasearch engine that cataloged contents from various P2P sites.

Today, Torrentz may be considered the Google of BitTorrent. As a downside, the platform has experienced legal concerns that led to its closing in 2016. A replica was launched shortly after and has remained in the industry to this day.

This new platform is similar to the original platform and will help you avoid spending hours searching through various P2P resources. It indexes every conceivable type of material and receives 10-20 million monthly hits as a result.

Your download speeds will not be affected when using Torrentz 2. The speed of your downloads is entirely up to the sites it directs you to. 

Also, note that Torrentz2’s interface is unpleasant without an ad blocker. It is not a torrent site traditionally, but it adds a lot to the current P2P experience in terms of usability.

8. LimeTorrent

For the latest movie and TV releases, run to LimTorrents today. The fact that it is widely known for its constant updates of the latest drops makes it one of the top torrenting sites.

LimeTorrent features a streamlined user experience and a high ratio of seeders to downloaders for fresh torrents. Having been around since 2009, its library is competitive with that of even The Pirate Bay.

Every month, the platform has some 20 million users trooping in. It has an average download speed of 3-4MB/s. 

On the negative side, it has been banned in a few countries, particularly Australia, the UK, and France. Still, with a VPN, you should be good to go.

There is also the issue of its lack of seeders for older torrents. The site also has too many advertisements popping up every now and then. These downsides reduce its ranking among the top torrenting sites.

There’s a lack of seeders for older torrents and the occasionally unpleasant nature of the site’s advertisements. Because of this, it is not as well regarded as some of the other torrent sites we’ve reviewed.

9. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads is a pioneer in the industry. Still, its user base has dwindled with the fierce competition in the industry. Even with the reduction, we’re looking at about 5 million users per month.

Furthermore, official inquiries have led to its limited availability in several areas. TorrentDownloads rates are between 2 and 3 MB/s, and the constant intrusion of advertisements can be frustrating. It doesn’t still mean you won’t find some high-quality files on it.

10. Bibliotik

Finally, we have a platform for getting e-books easy-peasy, and it’s none other than Bibliotik. This platform has proved very helpful to college students and scholars. It’s also a comfort zone for the avid reader looking for their favorite reads.

Bibliotik is a good option overall, considering its extensive library and high daily visitor numbers. The sad part of it is that it’s closed to new members. If you can access it, it is unquestionably a top torrenting platform.


Torrenting has made it easy to access digital files from anywhere worldwide. And thanks to this list of the top 10 torrenting sites, downloading your favorites will be more fun than you ever imagined.