The top free PC games download sites allow gamers to maximize their gaming experience at no cost. Moreover, gaming popularity is growing globally. Hence, people are searching for the best sites to download PC games for free.

Games help individuals to de-stress or pass the time. Moreover, it is essential to note that some gamers use these platforms to compete for prizes and money. As a result, knowing the top free PC games download sites is vital. Notable download sites include Origin, Abandonware Dos, Steam,, Ocean of Games, Mega Games, Acid Play, and Epic Games.

Read on to discover more about PC game download sites and some of the websites to consider.

What Is A Pc Games Download Site?

A PC download games site is a website that allows you to download games for your PC. The sites are either paid or free. 

Free PC games download sites enable users to download their favorite games without charge. On the other hand, paid sites require you to pay a certain amount to download games.

What To Look For In A Pc Games Download Site?

When researching free PC games download sites, it is always essential to get platforms that meet your needs.

Below are the considerations to look for when choosing a free PC game download site:

  • Load Speed: A website that has excellent load speed is perfect. It will ensure you begin playing your favorite games as soon as possible.
  • Safety: User security and safety should be among the top considerations. You want to download your game from a site free from viruses and scam links.
  • Usage Convenience: Easy-to-use sites simplify the download and installation process.
  • Offers a variety of games: The availability of different games ensures that you can choose games that suit your needs.
  • Hidden prices: The last thing you want is downloading a PC game from a site with hidden charges. So, it is essential to learn about costs if present.

Top Free PC Games Download Sites

The top free PC games download sites provide gamers with various free downloadable games. 

Here are PC game download sites to consider.

1. Origin

EA, one of the largest global gaming companies, operates Origin. It ranks as one of the top free PC games download sites and has an extensive library of premium games. 

Moreover, the site provides free download links for a limited time. EA’s involvement with Origin ensures the user’s trust. 

The site offers incredible features for gaming. It includes social features that allow you to network with friends via chatting, profile management, and video streaming through TwitchTV.

Origin also allows users to share their game library via social media sites, like Nintendo Network, PlayStation, Xbox Live, and Facebook. Another excellent feature is the on-the-house special that allows playing paid games for free, but this option is often limited.

2. Abandonware Dos

Abandonware Dos is suitable for you if you are looking forward to playing old PC games. It enables you to access games such as Star Wars and Sid Meier’s SimGolf. 

The site is active, and each game has a title specification, site rating, release date, video play-through, screenshots, and game facts. It also has lists and articles to help you search for the best games. 

Moreover, Abandonware Dos allows building your favorite gaming library for maximum enjoyment.

3. Steam

Steam is one of the most used free PC games download sites. Moreover, an average of 120.4 million active Steam users use the site monthly.

Steam is one of the best games stores available as it’s where most PC users find games. It offers countless titles from developers, including global creators of games. Free gaming genres on Steam include RPGs, adventure, casual, action, and puzzles.

The steps are straightforward if you want to download free PC games from the site. You only need to go to the homepage. Then, find the option that states browse by genre.

4. also goes by BNET, and Activision Blizzard operates and manages the gaming distribution platform. It is an excellent place for gamers to find free games.

One incredible thing about the site is that you can find full versions of free games, like StarCraft II, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft. Another merit of the site is that it contains social features to connect with family and friends.

5. Ocean Of Games

Ocean of Games is an excellent free PC game download site, having about 19 game genres. The site ensures that users have an exciting game collection that they can download for free. 

One of the best things about free downloads is that you can store the games on a USB or burn them into a CD. Moreover, you do not need licenses to download and use PC games. 

If you have any errors or corrupted files from the downloaded games, the platform can help you fix them. There is also a game request section that you can use to request games.

6. Mega Games

Mega Games is an excellent game downloading site for Windows and OS X. It is one of the most recommended online downloading platforms. 

The site avails users with 3D PlayStation games and free PC games. You can download all the games available for free to your PC.

One of the main benefits of the platform is that it has a variety of games. The many games available ensure that gamers can maximize their gaming time. 

Mega Games has a download and search option for all games they publish. They also provide free cheat codes for all games.

7. Acid Play

Like Mega Games, Acid Play is also suitable for Windows and OS X and is also free. One incredible feature of the platform is its vast games library. You can find as many games as you want on the site.

Some gaming categories include simulation, driving, puzzles, card games, board games, RPG, arcade, and action. The platform also allows for a custom search to help you save time locating a specific PC game.

Acid Play also allows players to rate the games. These ratings benefit new users as they help one determine the best-reviewed games among other gamers.


If you want the most recent indie games, is your site. The platform has a wide variety of games that you can choose to download for free. also has a gamers’ community that allows you to connect with other gamers in its forum. One incredible merit of the site is the easy access and download of free games. Moreover, you only need to go to the homepage and then scroll and press the “free games” function.

9. Ova Games

The platform is one of the best free PC games download sites. Users can always look forward to complete, downloadable PC games at no cost. You can find all the latest releases, HD versions, mods, and repacks. 

The platform allows you to download your favorite games through different direct downloading services. It also focuses on making life easy for all its users. You will get an installation and downloading guide for each game you wish to download.

10. is an excellent free digital distribution site. It works best on Windows and OS X. The platform ensures that users have access to a variety of games. 

You can find more than 23 categories of free games. The platform also provides users with a 3D and 2D gaming experience.

11. Epic Games

Epic Games currently ranks as one of the most well-equipped gaming download sites. One thing you can be sure of is that you will find some of the best games on the platform. 

The company responsible for EPIC Games has put a lot of resources and effort into ensuring it is successful. And it is currently a considerable Steam competitor. 

The platform provides a free download service for a number of its games. It also offers the top and big games in the market with free titles. You can enjoy games like World of Warships and Genshin Impact.

12. AllGamesAtoZ

Unlike the above PC game download sites, AllGamesAtoZ is a resource where gamers can follow game announcements. You will also find a list of free games and where to download them, as the website does provide links.

The website offers a variety of well-detailed categories, enabling a quick game search. However, the downside of dealing with AllGamesAtoZ is that the site contains ads, and the downloads usually take time.


Free PC games download sites allow consumers to enjoy various games. Moreover, the best sites have the industry’s most recent and top games. 

Moreover, it is understandable that you may lack the resources to buy the full games as the developers release them. 

Knowing the best free PC games download sites, you can download and enjoy gaming on your PC without charge. It is up to you to decide which download site you can get your preferred game. And the above post has highlighted the top free PC games download sites to consider if you are an avid gamer.