Tellscore Review

Tellscore Review: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

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Tellscore is a digital tool that connects brands with micro-influencers within the same niche. The app does this through the use of social media channels. It was founded in Thailand by Suvita Charanwong and Amornthep Chimpleenapanont.

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How It Works


Tellscore uses the micro-targeting technology to help brands identify and work with a number of micro-influencers based on their engagement rates, areas of expertise and number of followers. The tool utilizes a scoring system to select the right influencers for its users.

Once you sign up for this digital platform, you can start a campaign and work with people of your choice without any contract. Tellscore is thus ideal for businesses that are keen to launch new products, do some marketing and reach out to a real audience.


Anyone with a social media account can become a micro-influencer on the Tellscore. The app calculates your post value from the number of followers you get. This information is used to determine whether you qualify to be an influencer on the platform


Once you become an influencer, you will be notified of any job offers from other brands within your niche through the Tellscore email service. These range from content sharing to text, photo and video reviews. The app gives you the freedom to accept or decline the job offers emailed to you.

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The platform allows marketers to work at desired budgets and timelines. It also allows influencers to state their own collaboration fees. Marketers can create a campaign and name a price then wait for the right influencers to get in touch. They can work with several influencers at a time. At the end of each campaign, both marketers and influencers receive a report outlining their performance.

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