Reviews are a great way of gaining first-hand product information, and this SocialMeep review is no exception. With millions of users creating social media accounts daily, one wonders how best to stay relevant. SocialMeep is an Instagram growth tool that offers its users this service. But the question here is- Do they actually provide the services they claim to provide?

According to reviews, the platform uses Artificial Intelligence to provide automated growth to its users. They run a user-friendly interface with a secure site. However, their pricing isn’t spelled out on their homepage, which is a concern. Also, there’s no FAQ and poor customer support available. With copyright infringement hanging over their faces, using this platform is at your own risk.

This article provides more insight into what Social Meep really looks like. This SocialMeep review can help you decide if it’s worth trying out. Read on to find out more.

SocialMeep Review: Pros And Cons

Social media has come to stay and will continually remain relevant. With the number of users of various social media platforms, getting visibility can become quite challenging. Building an Instagram account takes time, and not everyone has that luxury. Thankfully tons of platforms offer Instagram growth services to their users. SocialMeep is one of those platforms.

SocialMeep is a new service when it comes to Instagram growth service. It is a platform powered by AI to provide its users with real and organic followers, likes and comments. According to the site, bots are not used, and the growth is organic. However, the use of the terms “bots and organic” has become prevalent among creators of these platforms.

For the purpose of this SocialMeep review, let us check out the advantages and disadvantages of using the platform.

Pros Of Using SocialMeep

  • Simple and user-friendly- The SocialMeep site is designed with so much simplicity. It is pretty easy for newbies to get around it.
  • Visible pricing- The pricing for their services is glaring for anyone to notice.
  • Analytics features- This feature gives it an edge over its competitors.

Cons Of Using SocialMeep

  • No free trial- SocialMeep does not allow prospective users to try their services for free. This can signify lousy service on their path, which is a big no.
  • Poor customer supports: SocialMeep reviews show their customer service is really poor. Meeting a dead-end when trying to get your needs met as a customer can be really frustrating. Unfortunately, that’s what SocialMeep offers its customers.
  • Fake reviews: The reviews posted on the site all provided information that was not true about the services they render. Trustpilot SocialMeep reviews showed a high level of customer dissatisfaction with its usage.
  • Possible use of bots: SocialMeep reviews showed real users’ complaints of being followed by bots.

SocialMeep Review: Range Of Products/Services

While doing some research for this SocialMeep review, we discovered that the site is no longer active. This means their services may no longer be active. However, these are the services they claim to offer their clients:

  • Automated engagement and growth: This tool automatically provides likes, views, comments, and followers to SocialMeep users. Social Meep describes this action as “Micro-interaction”. Though this sounds like a new feature, it does nothing special for its users.
  • AI-powered targeting- With this tool, SocialMeep allows its users to attract a particular audience. It uses features such as gender, geolocation, hashtags, age, and more.
  • Cloud features: This tool is accessible to users on the Pro Plan package. It provides users with more tools and insights into their accounts.

Pricing: SocialMeep basically has two packages based on a monthly subscription. These are the Basic and Pro plan. The basic plan is suggested as the ideal plan to get started, and it goes for $49. The Pro plan, on the other hand, costs users $99. 

There really isn’t much difference between the two services. However, the Pro-plan offers cloud services and premium support for its users.

Is It Safe & Legal To Use SocialMeep Products/Services?

The SocialMeep platform, as mentioned earlier, is currently down. Their services, which seem like bot activities, can lead to a page ban or suspension from Instagram. Using such services that could adversely affect your account isn’t considered safe.

With the rate at which the Instagram algorithm searches for bot activity, using SocialMeep is risky. This SocialMeep review concludes that using SocialMeep is completely risky. Other alternatives for Instagram growth can be explored in its place.

Regarding legality, it’s important to point out that SocialMeep infringed on the copyright of HypeAuditor. Their webpage is similar to that of HypeAuditor, which is a red flag. SocialMeep is currently banned from TrustPilot for providing fake reviews. All these do not suggest that SocialMeep is a legal platform to use.

Is SocialMeep Customer Service Good?

Reviews from genuine users show a high level of dissatisfaction with its usage and an inability to access its customer service. As a result, SocialMeep does not provide its customers with adequate customer service.

Is SocialMeep Easy To Use?

The SocialMeep site was created with ease in mind. Customers can easily use their platform without prior knowledge of such services. The interface is user-friendly, and their pricing system is visible. We can say, then, that the platform is easy to use.

SocialMeep Alternatives

With the many negative reviews and dissatisfaction associated with using SocialMeep, an alternative wouldn’t be a bad idea. Check out some of these below:


With many positive reviews on TrustPilot, this platform seems to be among the best regarding Instagram growth. With a personal manager attached to each user, growing an Instagram account would seem like an easy ride.


This multipurpose service caters to the needs of individual users, influencers, and brands. They offer both free and paid services, and it is an excellent platform for Instagram growth.

Trusy Social

This platform takes Instagram’s growth to the next level by using advanced tools to attract growth to its users. They boast of providing their users with real followers, engagement, and organic growth.


With the current unavailability of the site, you may want to check out other alternatives provided in the article. Either way, this SocialMeep review could save you from wasting your hard-earned money.