SimplyGram Review

The popularity of the SimplyGram platform has led to the rise in the need for an authentic SimplyGram review. Though this website gives a legit presentation that makes it stand out among competitors, they’ve been some doubts. Is SimplyGram really the right platform for you? A SimplyGram review is to answer that.

According to other reviews, the company has claimed several advantages, including audience targeting, artificial intelligence optimization, account management, 24/7 support, etc. However, there are disadvantages mentioned, including fake reviews, no cancellation policy, expensive bundles, fake followers, and violation of guidelines. While it may be easy to use and legal, it’s pretty unsafe as the platform may not be entirely trusted.

In this post, I’ll be giving you a comprehensive and well-informed SimplyGram review. This review will be based on facts from the platform and other information surrounding it. Ensure you read to the end to decide if this platform is right for you.

SimplyGram Review: Pros And Cons

SimplyGram is an Instagram followers application with great potential for advancing your Instagram account journey. It can boost the careers of influencers, users, and companies.

The platform makes use of the mother-child IG expansion strategy. The mother-child method of expanding your following involves having the service create the account for you. These infant accounts will message other legit accounts and draw their interest to your products.

The new accounts could ask these IG accounts to follow you or check out your postings. Also, this Instagram expansion firm assures clients that they will provide supervisors to supervise the project. This group has the expertise to address your concerns and respond to your inquiries.

Though many may find its method of operation new, several ups and downs are associated with it. Typically, if a complete stranger demanded that you follow an account, would you do so even if the posts are engaging? Let’s take some time to explore some of the pros and cons of using this service:

Pros Of SimplyGram

One should be skeptical when examining the good sides of SimplyGram. The company claims these advantageous features, but there are doubts about them. Nevertheless, below are some of the benefits of using this platform:

Audience Targeting

Identifying your ideal followers is critical to running and expanding your Instagram account. Without knowing who you’re writing for, it’s impossible to create engaging material. The most pressing question is how to demonstrate the type of audience you wish to attract to a development tool.

SimplyGram boasts that its users may reach their intended demographic by inputting relevant hashtags and following their competitors’ accounts. SimplyGram will have its “child” accounts start messaging the fans of competitor pages as soon as you enter their URLs.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Optimization

One of the claims made for this app is that it can help you optimize your Instagram presence by analyzing your data. It also claims to provide you with actionable insights. 

Managers will reevaluate your progress and make adjustments based on the insights gained through AI. This, once again, is a guarantee made by the company to its customers.

Account Management

When you sign up with SimplyGram, they say they’ll assign managers to help you expand your Instagram following. You can think of this group as a consulting service. More than that, the managers will create effective social media marketing and make sure everything runs well.

24/7 Support

Having access to round-the-clock service assistance is a welcome relief. It gives prospective clients confidence that they may reach out to the business if they have any questions or concerns. SimplyGram, in common with similar services, guarantees round-the-clock assistance to all its paying customers.

Use Of Instagram Per Their Terms

Everyone is aware of Instagram’s policy on unauthorized third-party apps. For this reason, using these platforms sometimes end up in vain. 

Nonetheless, SimplyGram has assured users its practices are under Instagram’s policies. They guarantee that utilizing the program will not get you permanently kicked from the service. 

Cons Of SimplyGram

SimplyGram has severe disadvantages that are worth considering before hopping on the app. These cons are based on the reviews around the internet:

Fake Reviews

We should be alarmed when we read noticeably false customer reviews on a website. It shows that their customers aren’t completely satisfied and aren’t getting what they wanted from their experience. The thing is, how would you know that these reviews are false?

There has been a verification from each Instagram handle that claims to have enjoyed their services. However, it was discovered that none of these accounts actually belonged to genuine people or businesses.

Even Trustpilot and other SimplyGram review platforms aren’t safe from these fabricated evaluations and testimonies. No concerns have been raised in the most recent remarks, only glowing one-sentence endorsements of the service’s performance. However, as you continue reading, you will notice comments from genuine consumers with plenty to add.

No Cancellation

SimplyGram review shows it comes with a free trial, but it’s not free! Once you’ve paid for the trial, there’s no way to cancel it.

In other words, if you are displeased with the services in any way, shape, or form, you cannot cancel the money. SimplyGram will run in the background for at least another month, damaging your account. This is another evidence of the agency’s unreliability.

Expensive Bundles

You need to pay monthly, but the bundles make it look like you’ll be paying weekly, so the actual cost is high. The cost is usually higher than competing applications and services offering similar features.

Fake Followers

Do you still remember how SimplyGram used the mother-child approach to develop Instagram organically? It has been relied on by certain Instagram users to reach their desired demographic, and it turned out badly!

SimplyGram has nothing but fake accounts and bots to offer. Real customers have complained that their accounts were overrun with bots and disinterested viewers.

Violation Of Guidelines

SimplyGram claims to be in line with Instagram’s terms and policies; that advantage is based on its claim. However, it’s worth noting that Instagram does not condone the use of phony profiles for any reason. In addition, the development that SimplyGram has assured you begins with creating Instagram profiles.

Spamming other users is frowned upon by Instagram. The hundreds of direct messages (DMs) you send to others to encourage them are how SimplyGram supposedly gains you followers.

Instagram will alert you if it detects any questionable behavior. Gaining followers rapidly is suspicious and may result in a shadow ban from Instagram.

SimplyGram Review: Range Of Products / Services

SimplyGram is a platform that offers basically followers boost services. They use a unique optimization engine known as IntelliBoost for this purpose. They also employ one-on-one advising, AI-powered optimization, 24/7 support, and a dedicated app. 

A SimplyGram review on Reddit indicates that the growth tool prioritizes targeted engagement with a small subset of potential Instagram followers. They do this using hashtags and account-based filtering.

The company claims that one of its expansion features, included in one of its packages, is the ability to target users based on hashtags. Nonetheless, other sources have claimed that it contains significant inaccuracies.

They appear to be employing automated systems to boost your profile’s popularity and the number of people that follow you. When you sign up, you’ll get your own dedicated Instagram account manager, and they’ll make sure your information stays private.

Is it Safe And Legal To Use SimplyGram Products/Services?

Indeed, SimplyGram will help your account expand but don’t consider it the best solution. When it comes to organic growth, it zeros into nothing. Although it provides you with real people as followers, they aren’t as focused on your brand as they might be. Plus, their services are pretty rigid and not as comprehensive as the plans from other companies.

SimplyGram’s inability to modify the mimic approach or the mother-daughter accounts plan is a restriction of the service. A well-known company or influential person needs a service that can be adjusted to their specific needs. They wouldn’t be after one that provides generic results regardless of who they try to reach.

So, while it’s true that SimplyGram is legit, alternative services undoubtedly perform this job better. Their manner of approach is hostile to Instagram’s overall policy. Though your details may be safe with them, one cannot say when your privacy may be compromised.

Is SimplyGram Customer Service Good?

The team matters among the many features that depict a legit company in the industry of growing Instagram followers. A typical company should have information regarding its team on its website. In doing so, they may demonstrate their dedication to their customers rather than only caring about the bottom line.

It isn’t easy to verify SimplyGram’s claims as there wasn’t enough to learn about the people behind the features. It becomes increasingly difficult to believe that their customer care is any good.

According to a SimplyGram review, there have been several reports of issues with SimplyGram from users. However, there was no help desk to answer their questions. Several reports of individuals being unable to get their money back after canceling their SimplyGram subscriptions.

Is SimplyGram Easy To Use?

The first thing you should know from this SimplyGram review is that creating an account and signing in is quick and straightforward. To begin using SimplyGram, visit their site via the available browser on your system. 

You’ll see different packages, from which you can select a price plan that most suits your needs. We also recommend signing up for their free trial, which lasts for three days and requires only your login and email address.

Enter your payment card information in this step and click the “place order” button. All things being equal, according to the company, someone from their team will get in touch with you soon. They will help you launch your campaign.

It’s not recommended to disclose sensitive information such as credit card numbers. There are concerns regarding the safety of using SimplyGram’s services and website.

SimplyGram Alternatives

If you’re uncomfortable with the information provided in this SimplyGram review, there are a handful of other offers for you. Below are some alternatives that could work just fine or do better in their place:


Consider using Growthoid if you’d like a competitive advantage. To keep up with Instagram’s ever-evolving algorithm, this startup regularly releases new versions of its product with improved functionality.

You can tell that Instagram Stories are now the top trend by looking at the prominence given to this feature on Growthoid’s homepage. Growthoid is recommended if you’re looking to remain ahead of the curve with a trustworthy, industry-leading partner.


In our opinion, Ingramer distinguishes itself from the competition because of the extensive set of functions it provides. You can use Ingramer to automate your whole Instagram experience. From scheduling posts in advance to handling DMs, boosting likes, increasing followers, sophisticated filtering, etc., Ingramer has you covered.

The company has arranged everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about processes. It frees you up to concentrate on the substance of what you’re putting out there. You may find it as Inflact, as there have been naming changes on the platform.


Nitreo is a great option to explore if you seek a straightforward and productive business. It provides everything you need to make your account whole and hearty. With its constant use, you should turn your infant account into a full-blown influencer.

Nitreo gives you peace of mind with its transparency. They claim that they never interact with phony accounts or bots. They also assure users that all their communication with their clients is genuine. Many satisfied customers attest to their excellent quality and service.


SimplyGram is not your typical social media growth platform. It’s certainly not the most straightforward service to use. That said, this SimplyGram review undoubtedly proves the company still has work to do to be taken seriously in its field.