Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit Review

Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit Review

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Here’s something that can wipe off the dirt and grime from your screens. This Screen Mom cleaner kit contains 16 ounces of natural-based solution and is probably the best screen cleaner in the market today. Read this review and learn more about this product.

Key features of Screen Mom Cleaner kit

Works on all types of screen for electronic gadgets

Having dust and dirt on your phone, smart TV, tablet, or laptop screens is inevitable. Fortunately, you are one spray away from removing the unwanted dirt and fingerprints off your screen. Screen Mom Cleaner effectively cleans all flat screens, including HDTVs, 4K, LCD, Plasma, OLEDs, and many more.

One bottle lasts long

You can probably clean all the screens of your gadgets at home for several weeks of use. This 16-ounce cleaner offers you up to 1, 527 times of spraying before it runs out. Indeed, this is one good investment for long-term use.

Odorless, safe, and natural

Sometimes cleaning your gadgets using sprays may cause you irritation. It may harm your kids who are sensitive to chemical solutions. No need to worry as this product is plant-based with no odor and does not contain alcohol, ammonia, or harmful phosphates.

Includes microfiber towel

This screen cleaner comes with a large microfiber towel, offering you a great deal. After a few wipes, your screen will look good as new.

Pros and Cons

  • Works well with all screen types and brands
  • Streak-free
  • Includes microfiber towel
  • Safe and natural
  • Could remove anti-glare coating


In conclusion, screen mom screen cleaner is a total lifesaver. With just a few sprays and wipes you can now get rid of the dust and debris from your screen. The benefits easily override the drawbacks. Plus, it is plant-based and natural, making it safe for you. Now you can clean your TV at home, or smartphones on the go.

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