Growing an Instagram page can be challenging, and reading a Poprey review can get you started on the right path. Every day, new accounts are created on this platform, so getting the attention your page needs may be challenging. Poprey is a tool that offers Instagram growth services to its users. However, a Poprey review is needed to see how they operate.

Poprey reviews from customers show that they have an extremely fast service delivery system in place. Poprey uses an auto-liking system with fake followers, which can lead to a page ban or suspension from Instagram. Trustpilot’s Poprey review showed that clients are highly dissatisfied with their services. Using this platform puts you at risk of having your account banned.

This article provides a detailed Poprey review for prospective clients and points out the platform’s pros and cons. Also, alternatives are suggested if the need arises for one.

Poprey Review: Pros And Cons

Poprey is a social media growth company that promises its users a 30-day warranty for their services. Every day, millions of users come to social media to have fun while dishing out various content.

With the number of users, growing a page across different platforms can seem quite cumbersome for users. However, Poprey offers growth services on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Twitter.

In as little as 12 hours, Poprey claims to deliver growth services to its users’ social media accounts. They provide real-looking engagements and growth for their users without fear of being banned. Depending on their preferences, their users can opt for gradual or fast delivery. 

With that said, let us look at some of their positive and negative aspects. 

Pros Of Poprey

  • Secure Site: Poprey’s site is entirely secure to use. This means that customers do not fear their data being accessed by hackers. A secure site is no longer a big deal in the tech world. Most companies run secure sites to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Fair and Well-defined Pricing: Poprey has very well-defined pricing on its site. Their pricing is also fair when compared with their competitors.
  • They have a refill and refund policy. With this in place, their clients can get a refill for lost followers, likes, and views within 30 days of its use.
  • They run a referral program. Everyone loves freebies. By referring a friend or even a stranger, you get a percentage, which can be withdrawn from your PayPal account.
  • FAQ page: Sometimes, clients need answers to their questions. Sites put up a FAQ to grant users easy access to their immediate concerns. Poprey has this feature, making it a plus for their website.
  • Easy to use: Poprey’s system is relatively easy to use by its customers. Their user interface is very attractive and gives you all the information you need at a glance at their homepage.
  • Free trial: Poprey offers its users a free trial. Not many companies tow this path, hence a big pass mark for Poprey for daring this with its customers. However, it’s good to note that the growth may not stand the test of time.

Cons Of Poprey

  • No reviews on their site: Poprey has no customer reviews on their site, which is quite worrisome. However, Trustpilot shows the actual state of things, with clients showing great dissatisfaction with its use.
  • Can lead to page ban: Instagram frowns at the activities of bots or unusual page likes or growth. Using Poprey can trigger Instagram’s system to block your account for violating its terms of use.
  • Use of Bots and Fake followers: Using an Instagram growth service would take your hopes high. However, Poprey doesn’t meet up to their customers’ expectations. They provide fake followers for their clients and make use of bots.
  • Poor customer service: Poprey’s site has only an email option for reaching out to its support. Getting a reply to these emails is where the challenge lies. Customers get frustrated trying to get answers by sending numerous emails which may never be answered.

Poprey Review: Range Of Products And Services

Poprey primarily offers its promotional services on Instagram. They have a variety of other services for YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, and other social media platforms. They use AI to give their customers realistic-looking followers and engagements on their accounts.

Their services can be accessed from the top menu on their homepage, and they include the following:

  • Auto-likes
  • Auto-views
  • Views
  • Comments

Clicking on the particular service you need will redirect you to the different plans available to choose from.

Instagram Services

Their package consists of different options depending on preference. However, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. They deliver their packages gradually or instantly. The gradual delivery ensures that your engagements come in slowly, which would not trigger the Instagram algorithm to initiate sanctions.

Poprey’s Instagram services include:

  • Instagram likes
  • Instagram followers
  • Instagram views
  • Instagram comments
  • Auto likes
  • IGTV views and likes
  • Story views 
  • Live views and likes


The pricing structure of Poprey is relatively simple. With less than $1, you can enjoy their followers, likes, or video views services.

  • Followers: For 10 to 10,000 followers, the pricing ranges from free to approximately $40.
  • Likes: Purchasing anywhere from 200 to 50,000 Likes will cost you from roughly $1 to $70.
  • Auto-Likes: Using its Auto-Likes service costs from $3 to $200 for 1,000 to 200,000 likes.
  • Video Views: If you’re looking for video views, you’ll find Poprey’s pricing between $1 and $50 for 200 to 50,000 views. 
  • Comments: Comments are a little more expensive. But packages range from 25 to 5,000 comments for about $4 to $200.

Their pricing seems fair and competitive in a market as saturated as this. However, we cannot guarantee that you will get the total value of their services based on this Poprey review.

Is It Safe And Legal To Use Poprey Services?

The Poprey site is safe to use, and users have no fear of having their sensitive information stolen. They operate a secure https website, making it a safe user option. Using the platform will not require that you provide the password to your accounts. For this Poprey review, we can say that the platform is safe to use.

Although this site has excellent security features, its use has some issues. Instagram and other social media sites strongly discourage bots’ use on their platforms. Once detected by a site’s algorithm, such activities can lead to a ban, restrictions, or suspension.

With this view, Poprey’s activities appear more like bot services, so using them may likely result in a ban. Another concern is that the engagements received through Poprey are usually fake. There is no need to have followers who are not interested in the content you publish.

Poprey is a safe site, but we do not recommend it being used as an Instagram growth tool. This Poprey review has raised enough doubts about the legitimacy of this website.

Is Poprey Customer Service Good?

Poprey’s website only provides a contact email address for its users. There is no chatbot or phone number present for its users. Users of this platform can get stranded and need to reach the site administrators. However, that can be a challenge with the support system in place. Getting immediate replies to your email isn’t something Poprey can boast of providing.

Is Poprey Easy To Use?

One of the most attractive features of Poprey is its simplicity and ease of use. The webpage is designed to be user-friendly, giving its users a first-hand glance at most of its services. You can access their homepage by visiting You can then decide what to do next.

Poprey Alternatives

  • ViralRace- This social media growth company has varied features with a good-looking website. It is an excellent alternative to Poprey.
  • UseViral- This company offers social media growth services across several platforms, from TikTok to Instagram.


We believe growing your social media account organically is the best option. Alternatively, services like Poprey’s should give you just what you need to grow your account. And this Poprey review covers all you need to know before using their services.