Reading Manager Gram reviews is an excellent way to understand how the company treats its customers. It’s also a critical step in determining whether its services suit your needs. So, is Manager Gram right for you, and what are the good and bad sides to using this platform?

According to Manager Gram reviews, the company is excellent at providing natural-looking likes, premium quality services, and speedy delivery. There is also constant customer support and an unlimited number of posts for likes with a money-back guarantee. However, Manager Gram reviews on several platforms show negativities like overpricing and limited options. Still, it is safe, legal, and easy to use.

This post will extensively discuss the pros and cons of using Manager Gram. It will also give details on the services, their ease of use, and their alternatives. If you don’t want to miss any vital details, ensure you read to the end.

Manager Gram Reviews: Pros And Cons

There are many advantages to using the platform, but likewise, there are flaws. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Manager Gram.

Pros Of Manager Gram

These advantages of using the site’s services:

Natural Looking Likes

Many times, platforms will indeed give you likes just as they promised. With Manager Gram, you will get certified likes from original accounts that look real to any observer. Also, you can be sure that the likes you get will lead to better optimization of your account. This is one big plus for the platform.

Premium Quality Services

Manager Gram promises to consistently deliver quality, so your account is in safe hands. The service uses HTTPS secure website protocol to ensure that your accounts are not jeopardized. This makes the platform’s services worthwhile, as you can be sure you’re getting what you bargained for. 

Speedy Delivery

Everyone wants that service where you close your eyes and open them to see your order done. Manager Gram promises such service. With its auto-detection for delivery of likes, you can rest assured that you’re covered.

Constant Customer Support

There’s nothing like having good customer service in place for a business. Manager Gram claims to have a good customer service team ready to answer your complaints 24/7. With this team, the customers can feel relaxed knowing there’s someone to answer them when they run into problems.

Unlimited Number of Posts for Likes

Unlike other services where you’re limited in the number of posts you can buy likes for, you’re unlimited with Manager Gram. With Manager Gram, you can buy likes for as many posts as you wish.

Multiple Packages And Prices

The company splits its services into different plans. This makes it possible to get a suitable option based on your budget. 

Money Back Guarantee

This is a rare service, as many platforms will never refund you if you have a bad user experience. Manager Gram has a 30-day refund policy. Therefore, if you’re unsatisfied with their service, you can request your money back. This service gives the customers peace of mind and prompts them to use the platform.

Cons Of Manager Gram

Based on Manager Gram reviews, there are some downfalls to using the platform, as shown below:

Negative Reviews

Indeed, Manager Gram does promise good services. However,  on TrustPilot, it has a few negative reviews. We all know such reviews are more than enough to discourage potential customers from trying the platform.

One of the complaints is that the services are slow and the customer care is unstable. Negative reviews also state that the team doesn’t respond to complaints. Generally, this doesn’t show any good signs about the platform.


Generally, their costs are relatively high. It’s possible to spend a few hundred dollars a month without ever knowing when things will be delivered or what quality they’ll be. There are no trial periods available, and the services for each plan seem too little for the price tags. 

Unreliable and Limited Options

Despite Manager Gram’s “excellent client care and assistance,” users have complained that the company’s services are unreliable. There are complaints that their service options are more limited than they appear to be.

Lack Of 24-hour support

As mentioned in the pros, Manager Gram claims to have comprehensive customer support. Unfortunately, customers have complained that this doesn’t seem to be the case. 

Manager Gram’s website lists a WhatsApp number in addition to those for WeChat and Telegram. Unfortunately, none of these platforms was successful in establishing communication.

Manager Gram Review: Range Of Products/Services

If you’re looking for a platform that promotes your Instagram followers, likes, and views, Manager Gram is just what you need. The company even goes beyond just Instagram to offer other social media platform services.

Its landing page reflects a familiar interface like Instagram’s, making it easy to use. Almost everything will point you in the direction of promoting your Instagram. If you’re not into Instagram, try any other platform, you can opt for other promotional deals it offers.

Manager Gram also promises to manage your Instagram account so you can focus on growing your business. This is another way to increase your exposure and visitor numbers. They also claim that the followers they’re bringing to your page are genuinely interested in your brand.

Is it Safe And Legal To Use Manager Gram Product/Service?

Before you hire any Instagram marketing company, even one as well-known as Manager Gram, there’s one thing you need to check. You should always ensure they aren’t trying to sell you a sham engagement.

Accounts on Instagram can get a short-term boost by buying fake engagement from companies that sell inactive or automated accounts. However, the buck ends here, and you won’t have all those fans for long.

You’re doing yourself, and your Instagram account no favors by pretending to interact with others. Due to this, your online reputation and engagement rate will take a hit. Such a situation will not be suitable for your business, especially one that’s still growing. 

Based on some positive Manager Gram reviews, one can say they actually deliver their services. The company also offers these services in a way that doesn’t break any guiding law. So, it’s safe to say that using their services is legal.

Is Manager Gram’s Customer Service Good?

Manager Gram’s reviews have shown mixed feelings about the customer care service. The company claims the services are good, which is typical for every brand. However, some reviews have shown otherwise, as said earlier.

Although customer service may be up and running, it may not have the speed many require. Many suspect they have bots operating in the background because their responses seem automated.

Is Manager Gram Easy To Use?

Getting started is easy and quick if you decide to use Manager Gram. You start by visiting the Manager Gram website. Afterward, you pick the deal that best suits your needs. 

Fill in the required fields when you need to, then proceed to make payments. Once done, you’ll be added to the plan you specified. Your order will be processed “within 24 hours,” but no estimated delivery time is given.

Manager Gram offers a wide variety of packages at various price points. Its prices are significantly higher than those of competing Instagram expansion providers.

Moreover, monthly subscriptions mean you’ll have to keep shelling out cash. The only way out is to convince them to terminate your service. After 24 hours, they’ll start working on your order, but they don’t specify how long it will take to finish.

Manager Gram Alternatives

Are you satisfied with these Manager Gram reviews? If not, here are some alternatives to consider:


If you want genuine followers on Instagram, StormLikes is another fantastic choice. They’ve put in the time and effort to develop high-quality offerings. 

Their extensive internal network means they can provide their customers with authentic Instagram followers and engagements. You’ll have no issues working with them.


Growthoid is a must-have if you want your Instagram following to expand naturally. Businesses like Manager Gram would have you believe that success can be achieved overnight. However, Growthoid uses only proven strategies to increase your Instagram following and attract ideal customers. 

They offer genuine followers and grow them bit by bit with quality. You can check out their website to learn more about their services. 


Nitreo is one of the most outstanding firms and our third alternative to Manager Gram. It focuses on engagement and organic growth tactics.

Due to their easy-to-use services and excellent outcomes, they have quickly moved to the top of Instagram’s development rankings. If you use Nitreo’s Instagram targeting and interactions, you can reach a broader portion of your desired audience.


Promoting your Instagram has never been easier with some of the best platforms out there. There’s no surefire way of knowing how the company will attend to you until you try out the service. We say this because existing Manager Gram reviews are quite biased on where Manager Gram stands for customers.