Ingramer Review: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

ingramer review

Ingramer Review: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

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Ingramer Review: Ingramer is the type of company you want to check out if you’re interested in finding a reliable Instagram bot that can help you grow your engagement and attract more followers to your account while you work on the content side of things.

While Ingramer is one of many companies who can offer this service, there are a couple of things that make them stand out. Let’s take a look at why Ingramer is worth checking out if you’re looking for a reliable Instagram bot.

Ingramer Review: Why Automation?

So, with Ingramer on the cards, let’s tackle the topic of automation. Why should you use it to grow your Instagram? Well, firstly, it’s affordable – a lot more affordable that Instagram ads – and it’s useful.

It’s also efficient and requires very little maintenance. When you put your engagement on autopilot, you’re able to free up your time and focus on making amazing content. Additionally, you can stop spending so much time on your phone and get your social life back a bit as well. This is because Ingramer is busy doing all the tedious and boring work for you.

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Orientated Around Engagement

Ingramer’s platform is designed specifically for engagement tasks. This means that they take over completely when it comes to your engagement. You don’t ever have to double tap a picture again or follow someone that you’re interested in – because Ingramer can do all of this for you.

Budget Friendly

We love that Ingramer cares about its customers and doesn’t want to charge through the roof for its services. With all the competition out there, Ingramer could easily hike their prices and make you pay more – but they don’t.

This is because they know that they’re a great alternative to Instagram ads – and they want to make sure that you’ve got an affordable alternative that’s going to give you the same results, if not better.

User Reaction

What’s user reaction, then? This is when you see an ad in your feed vs. someone who has liked or commented on your content. We’re willing to bet that you feel a whole lot better when someone has taken the time to like or comment on your content.

This is how Ingramer finds you new people to interact with your content by doing the same on their content. People love it when other people engage with their posts, which means they’re a lot more willing to head over to your page and give you a like and a follow in return.

Low Maintenance

Another thing that we love about Ingramer is that they’re low maintenance. It’s not going to take you more than seven minutes to set up your account with them, and then you’re ready to go.

You’re not going to waste any time making sure that your bot strategy is up to par because you quickly adjust a couple of features within their dashboard and you’re away. You won’t believe how easy it is to set up your Instagram engagement campaign through them.

Dashboard and Login

Ingramer’s website has been completely encrypted, which means that it’s safe and secure to share information on it. Their login process lets you into their dashboard, and because this stage is also encrypted, you don’t run the risk of having your information stolen.

Once you’ve created an account with them, you can start organizing your preferred bot campaigns. Additionally, Instagram may get you to confirm your login via a security check, so they can ensure that it’s you logging into your account, not someone else. This is definitely a routine security measure and nothing to be worried about.

Once this security measure has taken place, you’re good to go when it comes to setting up your preferred targets and ultimately growing your account. Ingramer’s dashboard has everything you need to stay organized within each account that you want to grow through them. All you need to do is tell them how many accounts you want to manage through their service. It’s not going to take you more than 10 minutes to set up separate bot campaigns.


Ingramer has pretty similar targeting features that you would find with other companies out there. They are standard because Instagram has pretty tight regulations about how you can find your target audience, which is why companies can’t waver from this too much. They’re location, hashtags, and usernames.

As we mentioned, these are the types of targets that you’re going to find with any standard growth or bot service out there, because this is all that Instagram will let its users do when looking for the right people to follow your profile.

What we like about Ingramer, though, is that they don’t put a cap on how many targets you can add to a new campaign that you set up with their bot. It could be anywhere from just one to 500 – it’s entirely up to you. We do recommend adding lots of relevant targets and of course, mixing things up from time to time as well.

Advanced Filters

Ingramer has quite a few advanced setting filters, which is a great option if you’re looking to get really specific with your targets at a faster rate than normal. It’s a really quick set up and requires only a little bit of information from your end. It’s also good if you know the audience that you’re wanting to target with them. Here are some of the filters that Ingramer can offer with their advanced filters:

  • Profile likes
  • Timezones
  • Unfollowing
  • Blacklists
  • Likes
  • Stories
  • Gender
  • Languages


We love that Ingramer features an easy to use post scheduler. This means you’re able to get your posts ready days or weeks in advance, so you can forget about them and focus on making more amazing content. Additionally, you can add a location tag to the posts that you’ve scheduled to publish.

Reviews Online

As well as having reviews on their own website, Ingramer has a bunch of positive reviews elsewhere on the internet as well. Trustpilot is a solid reviewing website that has a good reputation for being honest and upfront about the reviews they publish.

Ingramer has done well with these guys, but as a disclaimer, it’s always worth doing a bit more research than you get at face value – some companies can pay people to write positive things about them. Ingramer appears to have solid positive reviews across the board, which is difficult for us to fault.

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Ingramer has a lot of simple and easy to use features that you can quickly bring on board to help grow your Instagram account. We love that their services are simple and easy to set up – you don’t want to spend too much time setting up your bot campaign, otherwise, it’s just not going to be worth it in the long run.

Ingramer lets you control things from your end and choose the features that you want to utilize for your Instagram. If you’re going to make any changes to their current setup, you can simply log in and make the changes on your end. This is something that we really appreciate about this company. Let’s take a look at some of the features they have to offer:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Generates hashtags
  • Live activity
  • Story Viewer
  • Automatic comments
  • Automatic likes
  • Automatic follows
  • Automatic unfollows
  • Basic, simple functions
  • Blacklisting option


We tested out Ingramer with our very own Instagram account, and we must say that we were pleased with the results. Over the seven day trial that we ran, we didn’t come across any notifications that their actions had been blocked. All in all, we think that Ingramer is safe to use.


So, how much is Ingramer going to cost you, then? Like most Instagram bot companies out there, Ingramer has a couple of options when it comes to their services. You can sign up for two weeks, or you can sign up for three months, it just depends how long you think you need to use a bot for.

We like that they have a three-month plan, and think this is the best deal at $85. Their one month plan will cost you $34, while their two-week plan will set you back $22. All in all, however, we find their prices to be really reasonable, especially when compared to other companies in the industry.

What We Liked Most

So, what did we like most about these guys? We liked that they’re able to keep all of their features and tools nice and simple for their customers.

There are a lot of companies out there that make their tools and features really complicated and in turn hard to use. Our opinion is that every Instagram bot out there should aim to be efficient, effective, and simple, so that they are accessible to a wide range of clients. Ingramer has achieved this, which we think is impressive.

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Common Concerns

Is Ingramer Safe to Use?

Yes, we didn’t come across any blocked actions or safety issues when we tried it out with our test account, so we’re confident in saying this.

Will My Password Be Safe?

Yes – Ingramer makes sure to encrypt their password entries, so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen. If you are a little concerned, you can always change it.

Are They Going to Steal My Account?

Ultimately, no. The purpose of a bot is not to go around stealing people’s accounts – because there’s nothing in this for them.

They could just make their own new Instagram account and use their software to grow it.

They’re much more interested in growing a legit bot service that their customers can trust than stealing people’s accounts, so this is the last thing on their minds.

Can I Be Shadowbanned?

No – an Instagram bot alone cannot get you shadowbanned from Instagram. What can get you shadowbanned on Instagram is the misuse of hashtags.

This means that if you’re using more than 30 hashtags at once, or you’re using hashtags that have previously been banned by Instagram, then yes there is a good chance you will be shadowbanned. Not for using Ingramer, however.

Can My Account Get Banned?

As a disclaimer, there’s always the risk that your account can be banned by Instagram when you use an Instagram bot. This is because generally speaking bots are against Instagram’s terms and conditions.

However, you can lower your chances of being banned by sticking to the daily limit of engagement that Instagram has in place, and not being too aggressive with your bot action. It’s also important not to send spammy messages to other users.

Pros and Cons

  • Have solid reviews elsewhere online
  • Doesn’t take a lot to maintain
  • Generates recommended hashtags for you to use
  • Can turn off targets and actions depending on what you prefer
  • Can schedule posts
  • Prices can fit into any budget
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Complete automation
  • Story viewer
  • Option to blacklist features
  • Online service, which means there’s no download
  • Requires a small amount of maintenance
  • Can only be used for Instagram

Ingramer Free Trial + Promo & Coupon

Ingramer offers a free trial – get it here.

They sometimes offer promo discount coupons or deals, especially on quarterly billing.

Want a discount? Get it here.

We think that Ingramer is definitely worth giving a go, so get your free trial here.

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We think that Ingramer is the kind of Instagram bot service you want to try if you’re looking for a simple yet great software.

We love that this online service comes with an interface that’s easy to navigate and learn. It’s not going to take you longer than 10 minutes to sign up for Ingramer, and they also have monthly subscriptions, which means you can cancel anytime. You can also stay in control of the features and action that you want to take with their services, making them extremely versatile.

Not only can you blacklist locations and users, but you can also do so with hashtags as well which is really helpful when you’re wanting to protect your account from coming across inappropriate content. All of your Instagram engagement can be automated with Ingramer, so that you can grow your account automatically without having to do anything.

We received great results from these guys in just seven days of trialing their service. The best part of this service? It’s going to cost you just $1.50 to run it – which is a lot cheaper than Facebook’s ads at $5 a day. Try their three day trial for free here.

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