This ultimate IG Best review will help you determine whether it is worth outsourcing your Instagram activities. Moreover, Instagram algorithms targets and seeks out robotic engagement and fake profiles. This action makes it challenging for businesses and individuals to market themselves on the platform.

IG Best capitalizes on the challenging Instagram environment to offer growth solutions. The brand claims to help users with free auto-liking, following, and commenting services. It also claims to be the best easy-to-use Instagram growing tool. However, there are a few questionable things about the site hence the need to find alternatives. Its alternatives include Seek Socially, UseViral, and Growthoid.

Below you will find an extensive IG Best review that will help you know the company better. You will learn about its pros and cons, services, ease of usage, and alternatives.

IG Best Review Pros And Cons

Like any other company, IG Best has its pros and cons. This information helps you weigh the merits of using the company to see if it is the best fit for your needs. 

IG Best’s pros and cons are as follows:

Pros Of Using IG Best

  • It has a secure website: IG Best’s site has HTTPS. This feature is one of the most fundamental security aspects for websites. 

However, a secure website does not guarantee maximum security over sensitive information. Furthermore, scam sites also secure their websites, so it’s up to you to take caution before sharing personal details.

Cons Of Using IG Best

  • Lacks visible pricing: one odd thing about the website is that it does not have clear pricing information. Visible pricing is vital in ensuring transparency. Furthermore, knowing what to pay for a specific service is crucial before using it.
  • No Onsite testimonials or reviews: A website’s reviews are vital as they can help consumers know what other customers think about the company.
  • It lacks a FAQ page. So you may have some unanswered questions.
  • It lacks a help page. Therefore, there is no efficient communication channel for urgent help or answers with the support staff.
  • Some of the pages have little value and need fixing. For instance, the blog page does not have any blogs.
  • They violate the copyright laws: Instagram has the term IG copyrighted. Thus, the company’s name IG Best can lead to a lawsuit.
  • The company offers auto comments, followers, and likes, which means they may use bots. The use of bots may put your Instagram account at risk.
  • Users need to use their Instagram credentials to log in: The use of login credentials may pose a security threat.

If you compare the above IG Best review, you can note that the cons outweigh the pros. The bottom line is that users need to gain as much information about IG Best before deciding to use it.

IG Best Review: Range Of Products Or Services

IG Best claims to provide auto commenter, auto liker, and auto follower tools. The tools help users to boost their likes, comments, and follower base. Therefore, the primary service IG Best provides its users is Instagram growth.

The competition currently available on Instagram makes services provided by companies such as IG Best to be in high demand. It is often available among various brands and influencers across the entire world. However, the trick is getting a marketing company to help your account grow positively and organically.

The IG Best website does not state the pricing for their services. However, they indicate that new credits are available for free after every 15 minutes. 

Is It Safe & Legal To Use IG Best Products/Services?

The safety and legality of using any company for Instagram growth are vital. It can either ensure your account grows or closes. The present Instagram algorithm aims to prevent suspicious activities, fake profiles, and spam.

Thus, an IG Best review is necessary as it will help users determine whether the website is safe and legal. IG Best has a secure website as it has HTTPS. However, it does not provide proof of a secure payment gateway.

Moreover, one must consider payment security before buying a service and sharing credit card information. The lack of secure payment gateways may threaten users’ safety. The risk of sharing personal data is high if you consider using PayPal.

There is also the risk that the IG Best website uses bots while Instagram does not support using bots for growth. Thus, there is a high chance of account closure. Real followers, likes, and comments are the best way to grow organically.

In addition, the website uses IG as part of its name, which is contrary to Instagram copyrights. It may pose a legal threat to the company in the future.

Is IG Best Customer Service Good?

IG Best claims to have reliable and fast support. However, the website lacks a review section. This lack of reviews does not provide a guarantee of effectiveness.

The company has also put little effort into its site, indicating a lack of care for its clients. Websites currently act as the first sign of exceptional customer service to customers. A lack of a detailed website shows that IG Best needs to focus on providing reliable and fast customer service.

In addition, the website is challenging to browse through. This unclear organization makes determining the company’s services and costs challenging. One can deem IG Best to provide poor services as the brand’s website lacks information organization.

The website’s content is quite vague and limited in substance and value. The vagueness indicates that the site needs to make significant steps to reassure the honesty and reliability of its services.

Is IG Best Easy To Use?

The ease of using a website can determine its customer friendliness. IG Best advertises that it has a dynamic, fast, and user-friendly panel. The panel aims to make sure that you effectively use the site. 

However, the lack of customer reviews on the site limits knowledge of other clients’ experience with the ease of use. Also, the website requires you to use your Instagram credentials to log in. The login process is relatively straightforward, but you stand a chance of risking your account’s information.

As stated above, IG Best has a vague, confusing, and limited website, making it challenging to understand the steps users should take. This makes it challenging for users to get started with the brand’s services. 

Anyone should be able to use any site, despite their age or IQ, and  IG Best needs to ensure they make their site as direct as possible. One thing that IG Best has done well is the easy signup process. You will only need to key in some personal information for the signup process to complete.

IG Best Alternatives

As you can see from the above IG Best review, the site has several shortcomings. The shortcomings ensure that prospective users should search for other alternatives. 

Below you will find the top three alternatives for IG Best.

1. UseViral

UseViral is a viable IG Best alternative as it advertises itself as a social media marketing company. The company understands the growth challenges in social networks and the user’s need to engage with the right audience. In addition, the company aims to help users develop and grow their cause, business, or brand.

It claims that it can help you grow your social media via its extensive network. They work on your YouTube, Clubhouse, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram platforms. 

UseViral proposes that it will help you with comments, likes, and followers for your account. Unlike IG Best, UseViral’s website is very informative.

2. Growthoid

Growthoid is best if you want a manual growth service for your Instagram account. Unlike IG Best, the company offers its clients active and genuine followers. It is also one of the best companies in the industry. 

Growthoid avoids using bots or automation because these two tools can facilitate the closure of your account. Thus, you can consider it a safer option.

The company aims to help its clients grow authentically. They do not wish to have anything fake. Thus, you can always look forward to organic growth.

3. Seek Socially

Seek Socially provides users services to help them grow across their social media channels. The company promotes organic growth, which will help you boost engagement and build your audience.

 Its website has exceptional customer support, top-not features, and thousands of global users. One of the primary things that make the company stand out is its combination of a powerful AI and a team of experienced experts. This facilitates following and engagement in social networks at a new level.


IG Best claims to provide users with reliable features for growth on their Instagram accounts. The brand claims to help you with auto comments, followers, and likes. However, the site does not provide reviews and testimonials from real customers, reducing its viability as a top option for Instagram growth. 

Whether IG Best is suitable for your Instagram growth initiatives is up to you. But this IG Best review highlights that it must take substantial steps to prove its safety, effectiveness, and quality of services.