Knowing how to unread messages on Instagram is handy for marking conversations you’ve opened but like to read later.

It’s even more critical when running a business on the platform. Keeping track of significant interactions with customers and clients can be challenging.

The unread message feature is available only to Instagram business accounts. First, open your inbox, click on the hamburger icon (usually at the top of the screen), and then select the message(s) you’d like to unread. Continue by selecting the message and clicking ‘more.’ The last step is to select ‘Mark as unread’ from the options shown on the sub-menu.

The unread message feature doesn’t change the “seen” receipt for that particular conversation. It only allows you to mark it as unread so you can easily find it again.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can unread a message you already opened on Instagram.

How To Unread Messages On Instagram

On opening your Instagram business accounts, there are two tabs in your inbox-the primary and general. The primary tab holds messages from those close to you (relations and friends). You’ll receive instant notification for every message on the primary tab. 

On the other hand, the general tab holds messages from anyone not close to you (outside family and friends). Here, you don’t receive a notification when someone sends a new message to your inbox.

Since the primary tab is set on default, you don’t have to worry about opening a general message unknowingly.

Whether your text is from the primary or general tab, here are the steps on how to unread messages on Instagram:

  • Open Instagram and scroll to the inbox section.

  • Choose the message you want to mark as unread.

  • Click on the select menu option displayed on your screen’s right corner.

  • Select “more”

  • From the available options, click on “mark as unread,” and that’s all.

You’ll notice a blue dot beside the message, which signifies that it has been unread.

How To Unread Messages On Personal Instagram Accounts

For personal accounts, your only option is to use a third-party app to unread messages. This is known as “Hide Last Seen – No Blue Ticks.” What this does is save all messages you get on your Instagram automatically.

You can read anyone’s messages without connecting with them. Plus, it hides your last seen, so no one knows when last you came online.

Other Ways To Unread Messages On Instagram

Another alternative to unread messages is simply not accepting a message request. Instagram has a “message requests” section where you can read the messages of strangers without them knowing that you’ve seen them.

If you’ve approved their message request and their messages display as seen, restrict them. This is possible as Instagram has a ‘restrict’ option where you can block others from sending you messages.


The unread messages feature helps save new messages you might have unknowingly opened. However, it only works on a business account and doesn’t change the seen status. We hope this guide has given you a detailed explanation of how to unread messages on Instagram effortlessly.