Are you trying to get back to those old posts and wondering how to unarchive a post on Instagram? The archive feature on social media has proven relevant all these years by keeping unnecessary details out of sight. However, what happens when the need to go back to them arises?

The first step to unarchiving a post is to launch the Instagram app and head over to your profile, where you can find your menu. Tap the three dots at the post’s top right corner and tap on the archive option. Identify the post you’d like to unarchive and double-tap on it to reveal more options. Select “Show on profile” to restore the post.

In this post, you’ll get a good breakdown of the process of how to unarchive a post on Instagram. Keep reading to the end for these easy steps.

What Is An Archived Post On Instagram?

You may be unfamiliar with Instagram’s new Archive function because it was just launched in June 2017. This feature has proven more useful than you can imagine.

Essentially, if you’d prefer not to permanently delete your videos and images on the platform, you can simply archive them. So, if you change your mind about displaying them, you can always recover them if you choose.

Instagram offers an “Archive” to keep track of your growth and change over time. However, in reality, it’s just a place to bury photos and videos that didn’t do well with your followers.

We all have that one post we feel is the best. But there may come a time when we need to take it down without actually deleting it. Thanks to the archive feature, this is now possible.

The beauty of archiving your post is that it keeps your posts without erasing its metrics. You can finally remove your post from your profile without erasing its likes and comments. Fortunately, anytime you need the post again, you can always take it up!

How To Archive A Post On Instagram

Sending a post to your archive is very easy. Access the photo’s context menu by clicking the “…” button in the picture’s top right corner.

The “Archive” option will be included in the menu. If you select this, the item will be removed from your news feed. Nothing in this folder is visible to anyone else but you.

Your past pictures and videos are easily accessible, nevertheless. In the top right corner of your profile is a little clock symbol that, when clicked, will display your archived posts.

How To Unarchive A Post On Instagram

To unarchive a post, begin by going to your profile. Simply navigate to the Archive folder and double-click the image you wish to share again. Select “…” from the menu bar above the image to do so again. This time, you should choose the “Show on Profile” option.

Instantly, your profile’s posts have resumed their chronological order. Remember, you won’t lose any of the post’s comments or likes when you archive or restore it.


The next time you think of archiving a post, you don’t need to be double-minded about it. Now, you know how to unarchive a post on Instagram.