Do you want to know how to see who stalks your Instagram? Instagram does not have an integrated feature to see who views your account. 

But you can still find out who stalks your Instagram. The best method is to go through your profile interactions. Take note of the likes and comments from anyone who does not follow you. Checking your stories can also give you a good indication of who stalks your Instagram. Alternatively, you can also use your Instagram insights. 

The idea of someone stalking your Instagram sounds scary. Whether it’s a stranger or a friend, knowing who stalks your Instagram can give you peace of mind. So, here is how to see who stalks your Instagram. 

How To See Who Stalks Your Instagram

1. Check Your Profile Interactions

If you want to see who stalks your Instagram, the easiest way is to view your profile interactions. Typically businesses and creators’ Instagram accounts have access to account statistics. This includes information about your audience’s location, gender, and how they interact with your account.

Just click on your analytics in your account settings. People who typically stalk your Instagram might have liked or commented on most or all of your posts, thinking you wouldn’t notice.

2. View Your Stories

One of the simplest ways to see who stalks your Instagram is by checking your stories. First, upload something onto your story and click the icon at the top right corner of your story. And check the bottom dropdown screen to see who viewed it. 

Take note of anyone who does not follow you but watches your stories religiously. If you notice an account that’s often part of the first viewers, there is a good chance they are stalking your Instagram. 

But remember that some users can also view your stories anonymously using third-party apps. So, there is a chance they viewed your stories without you knowing.

3. Use Instagram Insights

You can look at your instagram insights, which comprehensively overview your account’s activity. Here you can see the amount of engagement and where it’s coming from. 

Look for accounts that engage with you more than others but do not follow you. Note that this feature is only available if you have a professional account.

How To Avoid Instagram Stalkers

One of the best ways to avoid Instagram stalkers is by switching your profile to private. Go to the “Privacy” section and toggle your account to “Private account.”

You can also change unwanted interactions using the “limits” function. This will ensure that people who don’t follow you won’t have access to your Instagram content. 


From a stranger who frequently checks your stories to your ex, finding your Instagram stalker is now easier than ever. You can follow our tips on how to see who stalks your Instagram and uncover your Instagram stalker.