Are you curious about your Instagram shares and now want to know how to see who shared your Instagram post? Perhaps you want to show these fans your appreciation. It’s possible to keep an eye on how far your posts have gone on the platform. 

To determine who shared your post, launch the app and head over to your profile. Select any post for which you wish to obtain analytics and tap the “View Insights” command. You’ll be able to view who shared your post here unless the account has been set to private. Seeing who shared your Instagram post can only work for business accounts.

This post will detail how to see who shared your Instagram post. Keep reading for complete details.

What To Know About Instagram Insights

If your profile is private, you won’t be able to view the people who have shared your posts. To know who shared your post, you need to upgrade to a business account on Instagram.

Regular Instagram users can see who likes their posts and who reads their stories. There is no way a personal account will also get data on post shares.

The primary methods of communication offered by Instagram are the direct message (DM) and story sharing.

Instagram users can share a particular post to their story or send it to the inbox of others. You cannot share posts directly to your profile like you can on many other platforms.

I won’t have access to who else saw the post you shared. This is due issues related to privacy. However, should you have a business account, this is easy-peasy.

How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post

Now that you have a business account, you can track each of your posts that have been shared on Instagram. There are two instances of doing this, as cited below:

Seeing Who Shared Your Instagram Posts

To see who shared your Instagram post, open Instagram and navigate to your profile, where you can see your Instagram photographs. Afterward, choose a specific post. When you do this, a button labeled “View insights” will show at the bottom left of the uploaded photo.

A new user interface will appear here, including all of Instagram’s sharing insights. You’ll have access to information regarding the total number of shares when you select the paper airplane icon. And you can use the same process for all your posts, irrespective of whether they are pictures or videos.

Seeing Who Shared Your Instagram Posts To Their Stories

The same procedure is used when seeing re-shared posts on stories. You’ll also be able to view the users who have shared your posts on their stories. 

However, if the account in question is set to private, you won’t know who the poster is. It’s possible that you might now even know that they posted it. 

Go to your profile and open a post you have posted recently. Tap on the three horizontal dots which you’ll find in the right-hand corner at the top of the post. Then select the button that reads “View Story Re-shares”. 

It would show you if any single person shared your posts on their story within the past 24 hours. But you’ll only be able to view insights relating to shares that took place during the past 24 hours.


Keeping tabs on interactions with your profile is very important. Now, you also know how to see who shared your Instagram post.