How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

When you realize that your saves count as engagements, you may wonder how to see who saved your Instagram post.

However, there have been controversies about whether you can see those who saved your post. Many wonder if it is even possible. And who believe it is, want to know how do you get more information on your post saves?

In truth, you cannot see a list of people that saved your posts on Instagram. Your best shot is to create a story, encouraging those who saved your post to let you know. Aside from this, you can see the number of saves on a post from a business profile. You must simply select the post in question and choose “View Insights” from the options available.

This article will show you how to see who saved your Instagram post. 

Can You View Who Saved Your Post?

The saved feature on Instagram is used to save a post for you to return to it at another time. Many Instagrammers now encourage their followers to save their posts for later, usually at the last carousel.

Apparently, saving Instagram posts is one of the actions that bring about engagements on the post in question. The algorithm recognizes it!

Instagram sees “Saved” posts as posts of high value, so it will count for you as a creator. Then, are there ways of seeing which followers have obtained so much value from your post that they’ve saved it? Sadly, there are no ways around it.

It’s easy to consider saved posts a top user privacy concern, so Instagram doesn’t tell you who saved your post. However, you can see how many people who have bookmarked your post. You’ll need to upgrade to a business profile to accomplish this.

If your curiosity is getting the better of you, make a story encouraging those who saved your post to do so. You can try attaching a prize bonus for such individuals.

How To See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

Before you can even see the number of saves on a particular post, you must be running a business account.

Therefore, you’ll need to switch from a personal to business account via your settings menu. When you’ve made the switch, you’ll have access to Insights, where you can now keep track of these details.

Below are the steps to take afterward:

1. Click On The Post You Want To View Info On

First off, go to your profile after logging into the app. Among your posts, select the one you need more information on.

2. Click View Insights

On the selected post, click on “View Insight,” where it will bring out all the metrics relating to the post.

3. View The Bookmark Icon

On Instagram, the saved information is always represented with the bookmark icon. On the metric page, you’ll see a bookmark icon. This indicates how many times your post has been saved.


Instagram has yet to release a feature listing people who saved your post. However, you could always choose to create a call-to-action story. Thanks to this post, at least you know how to see who saved your Instagram posts.