How To See Liked Posts On Instagram 2022

If you like tens and hundreds of daily posts on Instagram, you probably often wonder “how to see liked posts on Instagram 2022.”

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms with millions of users globally. People share different forms of media on Instagram, such as photos and videos. With so many images and videos to view, you must have liked several posts to date.

Sometimes it may be necessary for you to go back and see whether you had liked a specific friend’s post or not. And viewing the Instagram posts you’ve liked in the past is more straightforward than you might think. All you need to do is choose “Your Activity” from the pop-up menu and tap on “Interactions.” Finally, select “Likes” to see all the posts you liked.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is an American social media platform with millions of daily active users spanning the globe. Unlike some of the popular social media platforms that you probably use, Instagram is best used on its app.

People post videos and images on their Instagram accounts that their users can view and comment on. The platform also allows users to determine the specific individuals with whom they would prefer to share their posts.

You can set your profile accordingly if you upload an image you wish to share with just a few chosen followers.

If secrecy is not your primary concern, you may also share your posts with any user on Instagram. Thousands of filters on the platform can help improve the quality of your posts and add a touch of individuality.

Reasons To View Your Liked Posts

As you probably know, Instagram is a prominent social media network. The platform allows its users upload photos and videos which they then share with their followers.

Most of this media includes special memories spent with friends or family. Finding out all the liked posts will help you go back down memory lane as you view the photos and videos again.

How To See Liked Posts On Instagram 2022

If you wish to see all the liked posts on Instagram to date, you must follow some simple steps. The steps will not take much time, and anybody can do it.

  • Open Instagram and sign in. Then tap on the hamburger menu (comprising three horizontal lines). You’ll find this menu icon at the top of the screen on the right-hand side.

  • Select the drop-down menu option that reads “Your Activity”.

  • Select “Interactions” and then choose “Likes.”

  • Here you’ll be able to view the posts you’ve liked in the past.

These steps will tell you how to see liked posts on Instagram 2022.


Instagram is a world-renown platform with a steady rise in its users. The platform allows you to share videos and photos with your followers. It also gives you the option to comment and like others’ posts.

There aren’t many steps to seeing all the posts you’ve liked. That should be everything you need to determine how to see liked posts on Instagram 2022.