What’s that deleted message that got you thinking about how to see deleted messages on Instagram? Can you really recover messages you’ve deleted on Instagram? You don’t need to panic; it takes simple steps, which you can follow below:

You can use three approaches to see deleted messages on Instagram: data download, Facebook, or account backup for Android. You can request to have your account data downloaded from Instagram, where you’ll see all the information. Secondly, you can decide to use Facebook Messenger in the Instagram trash section. Thirdly, you can restore backups from your Android phone’s Google Account.

This article will detail how to see deleted messages on Instagram, so you don’t lose track of anything. 

Why View Deleted Instagram Messages?

Deleted Instagram messages might be recovered for a variety of reasons. It might be a means to recover forgotten experiences or data that was mistakenly erased. 

Others may see it as a chance to recover communications from an account that is no longer functional. Also, parents may use it to monitor their whereabouts online and in private chats to make sure their children are secure.

Ultimately, there might be personal reasons for wanting to recover deleted Instagram messages. Irrespective, you’re sure to wonder, “Are there methods of getting it back?”.

How To See Deleted Messages On Instagram

You can see your deleted messages on Instagram again; they’re not lost forever! Below are the three options you have for recovering deleted messages:

1. Using Instagram Data Download

The most popular method for retrieving lost Instagram messages is via Instagram data download. While it doesn’t restore the lost chats in the app, it does send them to the user.

Here’s how to submit a data request to Instagram to recover accidentally erased comments. To use this method, open Instagram and select your activity from your profile menu.

By clicking on the “Download” button, you’ll be able to save the data to your PC. To start downloading, go to Request Download and log in.

Select the option labelled “Download Information”. Then go to the “Messages” folder once you receive the email. Your recovered conversations will be saved in a database.

2. Using Facebook

Since Meta owns both Instagram and Facebook, it makes it simple for users to link their accounts. Doing this will enable you to access your direct messages you’ve received on Instagram via your Facebook Messenger inbox.

Make sure you’re online and initiate Facebook. Then ensure that the Messenger app is present. Click the Messenger icon which you’ll find at the top of the screen on the right. Go through Instagram’s trash can and recover your lost messages.

3. Using Account Backup For Android

You may easily restore your Instagram conversations and other data by regularly backing up your Android smartphone. Launch the device’s configuration menu.

Use Google Search, then tap “Backup.” Get back up immediately by tapping “Back up.” You may recover Instagram messages you accidentally deleted by turning on automatic backups for Instagram on your phone.


Don’t be too fast to say goodbye to your deleted messages. Now, you know how to see deleted messages on Instagram using different steps.