Are you getting the wrong suggestions on your Explore feed and wondering how to reset your Instagram Explore page? While this may seem off-grid to you, there are actually ways you can reset your Instagram Explore Page.

This would ensure that the contents Instagram offers are things you enjoy and relate to. Now, what are the things you should know about resetting your IG Explore page?

To reset the Instagram Explore Page, you can either clear your search history or your Instagram cache. You can clear your search history by navigating to the Activity section on your Instagram profile and clearing recent searches. To clear your Instagram cache, you can do so from your phone settings in the storage option of Instagram. Delete and reinstall the app for iOS.

This article will give you a complete breakdown of how to reset your Instagram Explore Page. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy your Instagram experience better when you’re equipped with this knowledge. Let’s dive in. 

What You Should Know About The Instagram Explore Page?

The Instagram explore page is all about discovering new content. To put it another way, it facilitates the discovery of exciting, engaging, and personally relevant material for consumers. It is algorithmic in nature, considering user preferences, past interactions with material, and other factors.

Afterward, it shows a scrollable feed of content that the user usually wouldn’t be exposed to unless they followed that account. Instagram’s Explore Page changes often. Each individual’s copy is unique since it was tailored just for them. Simply put, the Explore Page is customization at its best.

The Explore page may be accessed by tapping the app’s magnifying glass icon. Once you are there, a search box will appear. This search box allows you to look for posts, accounts, and hashtags based on what you type in. The cherry on top is the option to narrow your search to specific subtopics.

Why You Should Reset Your Instagram Explore Page

There are a few reasons why you might want to clear the slate on your explore page. To begin, you may wish to refresh the explore page and switch to a genre you don’t typically watch. You’ll be presented with new content when you clear your Instagram feed. 

Second, you may wish to reset your Explore Page history if you’re using a shared Instagram account. You may not want the other person to know what you’re watching.

How To Reset Your Instagram Explore Page

There are two ways to reset your Instagram Explore Page and enjoy a fresh experience. Below are the options:

1. Clear Your Search History

To begin, open Instagram and click on the Your Profile icon. Afterward, click on the three dashes at the top corner of your profile and select ‘Your Activity.’ Click on ‘Recent Searches’ and select ‘Clear All’. Confirm by selecting ‘Clear All’ again when the confirmation box pops up.

2. Clear Your Instagram Cache

On an Android phone, select ‘Settings’ and pick ‘Apps and Notifications.’ Pick the option that allows you to see all apps and tap on Instagram. Tap the ‘Storage’ option below Instagram and select ‘Clear Cache.’

If you’re using an iPhone, you must delete and reinstall the app. Go to Settings and select ‘General.’ Pick Instagram and delete. Reinstall from the AppStore.


You can always have that more exciting Instagram experience you wish for. Now you know how to reset your Instagram Explore Page, you can make the most of this incredible platform.