Are you thinking about how to raid on Twitch? Well, many Twitch users are probably wondering about the same topic. However, at the same time, several Twitch users do not know the meaning of the term “raid” (as applicable on Twitch).

In fact, there are many who are unfamiliar with why the term is used on the platform in the first place.

The steps involved are straightforward if you are wondering how to raid on Twitch. All you need to do is type “raid ‘channel name’” in the chat box that will open the pop-up control box. Then, choose the “Raid Now” option on the box to start the raid immediately. However, you may also choose to cancel the raid if you feel like it.

More About Twitch

Twitch is a prominent platform primarily used for live-streaming video content. However, unlike most live video streaming channels, Twitch only concentrates on video game live streaming services.

You may also find live broadcasts of various competitions on eSports and some creative content. In addition, some broadcasters also offer music broadcasts and real-life streams.

Twitch is based in the US and its users are in millions spanning a multitude of countries worldwide. According to recent data, Twitch appeared at the fourth spot in the list of the largest source of peak internet traffic in the US. The data also revealed that Twitch boasts 140 million monthly active users.

What is Twitch Raid?

Twitch Raid is a feature recently established by the platform. It allows a streamer to forward all his online viewers to a different broadcaster’s stream. It is a selfless act that helps popular streamers or broadcasters to spread the names of promising and upcoming hosts.

It may so happen that a new broadcaster may struggle to get the attention he deserves online. However, with this new raid feature, generous and popular streamers can help these newcomers get some foothold on the platform.

How to Raid on Twitch

The steps involved are straightforward if you are thinking about how to raid on the Twitch platform. It consists of a couple of steps, and the raiding is complete. The process starts with the Twitch chatbox.

  • Type raid ‘channel name’ in the chatbox.

  • This step will open a pop-up box in the chat.

  • Choose the “Raid Now” option.

  • This step will start the raid immediately.

Should you decide against it, you may cancel the raid when you get the pop-up box. However, if you do not select any option, the raid process will start automatically after 80 seconds. This should tell you how to raid on the Twitch platform.


Twitch is a US-based live video streaming platform hosting a massive amount of users. Several new broadcasters on Twitch find it challenging to get a foothold or recognition in the platform.

If you are popular with several viewers, you can send them to another broadcaster’s stream. This is a selfless act where you can help another new streamer get some viewers on Twitch.

However, if you have a change of heart and do not wish to send your viewers to another user’s stream, you can cancel the raid. This is a new feature that Twitch has introduced recently to help new streamers feel at home on the platform. And now you know how to raid on Twitch.