If you want to find out how to pin a comment on Instagram, many would like to know more about it. Instagram is a prominent social media network where users can post videos and photos. Their followers can view these posts and also comment and like them. Millions of Instagram users use the application daily.

Instagram recently started allowing its users to pin comments. The application makers say that this feature will enable its users to control the tonality of the comments on their posts. It is straightforward to pin comments on your post. All you need to do is swipe a statement to the left and tap the gray pushpin icon.

How Can Pin A Comment Help A User?

If you are a user of Instagram, you will agree that different people comment differently on your posts. You might not like to read every comment that your followers write.

Choose some of the best comments and pin them. This will help your followers understand the tonality of the statement you prefer. And in turn, it should reduce the number of nasty comments to some extent. Thus, it would help if you could find out how to pin a comment on Instagram.

What Is Instagram?

Launched in 2010, Instagram has been one of the world’s largest video and photo-sharing social media platforms. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom initiated this American service.

However, in the later years, Instagram was acquired by Facebook Inc. the application allows users to upload videos and photos to share with their followers.

You can use several filters on Instagram to enhance picture and video quality. You may also organize and popularize your media with the help of hashtags and different geographical tagging. In addition, Instagram allows its users to share media with preapproved followers or publicly.

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram

As an Instagram users you are permitted to pin a maximum of three comments at the top of a comment feed.

As a result, this will first enable your followers to view the pinned comments and then scroll down to other comments. It is effortless to pin comments on an Instagram post.

  • Choose a comment that you like on your post.

  • Swipe the chosen comment left.

  • You will notice a gray pushpin icon. Tap on it.

When you pin a chosen comment, the follower whose statement you choose to pin will receive a notification.


As one of the most prominent social media networks, Instagram boasts millions of daily active users from across the globe. Users are afforded the opportunity to upload and share various types of media on the platform, such as images and videos. And Instagram always strives to improve the overall experience for its users. 

Thus, they often develop innovative ideas to help users spend more time on the app. Recently, Instagram introduced the pinned comments feature.

It allows users to pin a maximum of three comments on a post. Pinning a statement is also very simple, and anybody can do it. Nonetheless, every user should know how to pin a comment on Instagram.