No matter who you are, a LinkedIn profile is essential, and finding out how to get your LinkedIn URL is helpful. However, it is necessary to understand that having a LinkedIn profile will not be sufficient.

You also need to update your profile at regular intervals. Your main motive should be establishing yourself or your business as a trusted brand.

Getting your LinkedIn URL involves a few simple steps. First, click on the View Profile after clicking on the “Me” icon on your LinkedIn homepage. Next, go to the “Edit Public Profile and URL” tab, where you will find your URL. It will be available under the “Edit URL” section. Copy this URL and share it with others for personal or business purposes.

Below, we’ll expand on LinkedIn, your LinkedIn URL, and why it’s so important to know where to find it.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an American online service designed to cater to the needs of the business community and those in need of employment. You can operate your LinkedIn profile via your handheld website or the LinkedIn app.

The service was started on 5th May 2003. Job seekers can post their resumes on their profiles and apply for job vacancies via LinkedIn.

What Is A LinkedIn URL?

When you talk about your LinkedIn URL, it refers to a specific link that leads to your LinkedIn profile. You can share this URL to connect with professionals from different fields.

You can also use the URL to connect with recruiters and companies to allow them to gather more information about you.

How To Get Your LinkedIn URL

You probably know by now that you can operate your LinkedIn profile via the website and its app. However, if you are using the website and wish to find out how to get your LinkedIn URL, then the steps for the purpose are straightforward.

  • Tap on the “Me” icon on your homepage.

  • Go to View Profile.

  • Look for Edit Public Profile and URL and click on Edit URL.

  • You will find your URL under the Edit URL section.

  • Copy the URL and share it with others.

On the other hand, if you are using the app, the steps are similarly simple, and anybody can get their URLs.

  • Log in to your LinkedIn profile and tap on your profile picture.

  • Go to View Profile and scroll down to Contact.

  • You will find your public LinkedIn URL under the section “Your Profile.”

  • Copy the link that starts with


Sometimes, using the internet to communicate with other professionals and search for suitable jobs becomes necessary. In such matters, using a dependable website is always preferable. 

LinkedIn is a website where you can find jobs matching your skills and communicate with professionals from various fields. This may also require you to share your LinkedIn URL with others. Thus, knowing how to get your LinkedIn URL and share it with others is always beneficial.