How To Draw On YouTube

Gone are the days when you learned art in school, as you can simply learn how to draw on YouTube. Nowadays, social media platforms like YouTube have art channels that can walk you step-by-step. So, what channels do you subscribe to if you want to learn how to draw on YouTube?

Thanks to the proper channels available to subscribe to you, you can draw on YouTube. Channels like Alphonso Dunn, Stan Prokopenko, Bobby Chiu, Emily Kalia, and Robert Stacy are run by expert artists. You simply need to follow them and hit the notification bell for updates. Afterward, follow their videos gradually and in order until you perfect your skills.

In this post, I’ll show you the best channels to go to for everything about how to draw on YouTube. Remain with me to the end before deciding which channel is best for you.

What You Should Know About Drawing On YouTube

Nowadays, you don’t need to go to school to learn to draw. You may not even need a physical teacher to push you through. With multiple YouTube channels, you can train yourself to draw from beginner to professional level. 

However, you must be careful of the simple challenge of distractions. Set goals for yourself and work on achieving them without looking at distractions.

How To Draw On YouTube

To learn how to draw on YouTube, you need to reach out to some of the platform’s top art channels. By reaching out, you will not only subscribe to them but also turn on the notification bell for updates.

Follow their videos gradually, in order, and put them into practice until you begin to perfect your work.

Below are the channels to subscribe to:

1. Alphonso Dunn

Begin your artistic journey with Alphonsus Dunn. Artist and author Alphonso Dunn wrote one of the most outstanding books on traditional drawing and inking. He also makes excellent instructional art films for those serious about improving their skills.

2. Stan Prokopenko

Stan singlehandedly handled the educational burden of a sizable group of eager artists for a long time. Self-taught artists may learn the fundamentals of anatomy and gesture through their free art lessons, workshops, and studies.

Prokopenko has just released a new series of condensed versions of masterclasses given by well-known figures from many artistic disciplines. This is in addition to his many other contributions to the art world.

3. Bobby Chiu

Bobby is an award-winning artist that has worked for some of the most prestigious studios in the world. He also regularly publishes helpful information, such as video blogs and lessons about his artistic journey. Bobby Chiu is yet another channel worthy of your subscription.

4. Emily Kalia

If you’re looking for a channel to learn realistic art, Emily Kalia’s page is just right for you. Emily is a great artist and a teacher living with her family. She reaches out to her students through her website and YouTube channel.

5. Robert Stacy

Sinix Designs’ Robert Stacy is a charming and accomplished artist who utilizes his channel to teach others about digital painting. He also goes further into character design and environmental concept art. Robert offers constructive criticism and helpful tips to his subscribers as a plus.


Drawing is a skill you can learn if you set your mind to it. Thanks to the media and information from this post, you now know how to draw on YouTube.