If you upload videos to YouTube often, it may be necessary to know how to delete a YouTube video from your channel. YouTubers are aware of several “hacks” to simplify their lives while uploading content on their YouTube channels.

However, apart from uploading, deleting videos is also crucial knowledge that can come in handy in certain situations.

Deleting videos from your YouTube profile is very straightforward. All you need to do is log in to your profile, go to your channel, and tap on the videos section. Finally, choose the videos you wish to delete and click the Delete button to do away with them. You have the option of deleting content from your desktop or handheld.

This post will explore the finer details associated with deleting a YouTube video from your channel.

What Is YouTube?

YouTube is one of the favored video-sharing websites on the internet. Billions of users together watch almost a billion hours of content every day. YouTube is headquartered in San Bruno, California. According to recent data, users upload more than 500 hours of video content per minute.

Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen initiated YouTube on 14th February 2005. It is managed by Google and ranks second amongst the most visited websites. Google Search ranks at the top of the list.

Why Should You Delete A YouTube Video?

There may be several reasons to find out how to delete a YouTube video. Sometimes, video content may hurt the sentiments of a specific section of the community. Instead of fighting for your content and giving rise to further unrest, it is better to delete the YouTube video that caused all the trouble.

At the same time, some YouTube users upload videos without giving them much thought. It may be a random video or content that fails to provide you with the satisfaction of making it. Thus, getting rid of such content is always a welcome act. It will be better to plan the video and then upload the same.

How To Delete A YouTube Video

Deleting videos on YouTube is possible on the website and the application. Both involve simple steps, and anybody can do them.

On Your Mobile Devices

  • Log in to your YouTube profile and click on your profile image.

  • Go to Your Channel, which appears on a dropdown menu.

  • Choose the videos you want to delete from the Videos section and click on Delete.

  • You will get a prompt as a confirmation where you need to click on Delete again to complete the process.

On Your Desktop

  • Go to My Channel after logging in to your profile.

  • Tap on Video Manager.

  • Click on the check box against the videos you need to delete and tap the Delete option.


Deleting YouTube videos is a necessary knowledge that every YouTuber should know about. The steps for the process are simple, and you can delete your videos from the YouTube website or the application. Thus, it will be better to know how to delete a YouTube video if you want to become a YouTuber.