Sometimes, you may make a mistake with your story upload and wonder how to delete a story on Instagram.

While this may seem tricky, it’s actually very easy to take your story down after a mistake. With just three steps, you can have the story down to put up something new.

To delete a story on Instagram, open the story from your Instagram profile. You can do this through the story displays at the top of your homepage or by tapping your profile picture. Once it opens, click on the three dots at the top left corner, where you’ll see upload options. Tap “delete” to wipe the story.

This post will give you the steps to delete a story on Instagram. Ensure you read to the end so you won’t miss a vital detail.

Can You Delete A Story On Instagram?

The Story feature is popular among social media platforms for bringing posts to life. Even YouTube has recently introduced YouTube Shorts, the closest thing to what you can call a story for a video platform.

Stories allow users to post play-to-play images and video content of events over a limited time. For those who know how to make the best use of this feature, it can help promote the image of your account.

Stories are good sets for promotions, advertisements, and announcements to your followers. It works best for ideas and concepts that are only temporary.

Stories aren’t meant to last forever. After 24 hours, they will no longer appear in your Story Feed. Thanks to Instagram Highlights, you can still keep your most cherished stories available for your followers anytime. But to hit the nail on the head, you can take down your story before the 24-hour lapse.

How To Delete A Story On Instagram

Perhaps you’ve uploaded the wrong post or something you regret to your story. For some initial minutes, you won’t be able to see it or interfere, as Instagram will be posting it. Once they are done, you’ll be able to see them displayed.

At this point, you can follow the steps below to determine how to delete a story on Instagram:

Open Up The Story

You have two options to open your story on your account. Firstly, you can open it from the top of the homepage, where you’ll see all stories arranged. Your story will always be the first before the others, so just tap on it.

Alternatively, you can navigate to your profile and click on your profile picture. It will instantly open up your story.

Click The Menu Dots

At the top corner of your story, you’ll find three dots representing the menu. Click on the three dots to show all options relating to the upload. 

Tap Delete

Among the options, you’ll find the “Delete” option. Tap “delete” and wait as it wipes away your uploaded story.


You’ll seldom have a reason to delete those impressive uploads you’ve made. However, if need be, you now know how to delete a story on Instagram.