Discord is a popular platform for gaming enthusiasts, and finding out how to change your age on Discord can be helpful. There may be various reasons to change your age on the platform.

For example, there are numerous games designed for adults. Thus, underage players might not be able to play such games. In such situations, changing your age may be necessary.

Changing your age on Discord is a straightforward process. After you log in to your Discord profile, go to Settings and look for the section that lets you change your age. Then, you can enter your desired age and click on Submit and complete the task. However, ensure that you put in the correct time zone and country before you click on “Submit.”

Let’s explore this unique platform further and reveal how to alter the age associated with your profile.

What Is Discord?

Most have heard about Discord, but few have used the platform. Discord is a renowned texting and voice chatting platform, especially for gamers. It allows users to connect with their near and dear ones with similar gaming interests. 

The most attractive thing about Discord is that it is accessible on mobile devices and desktops. As a result, several businesses have switched to Discord to connect with their customers.

Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy initiated Discord’s concept. Jason was also the founder of a social gaming platform named OpenFeint. On the other hand, Stanislav was the founder of another social gaming platform called Guildwork. 

However, Jason noticed that his team was finding it challenging to communicate tactics in various games, like League of Legends, using the existing VoIP tool. This helped give shape to his idea of Discord.

Benefits Of Using Discord

Those who don’t use Discord may not understand the communication platform’s benefits. However, there are various advantages you can appreciate if you use them.

  • It is free to use.

  • Discord makes it very simple for users to connect with their friends and family sharing the same gaming interests.

  • You can use many features to personalize your online gaming experience.

  • Discord has a user-friendly interface.

How To Change Your Age on Discord

If you wish to find out how to change your age on Discord, there are a few straightforward steps that you should follow.

  • Log in to your Discord account.

  • Go to the Settings section, which will open a range of menu options for you.

  • Scroll to “Age” and enter the desired age.

  • Ensure your proper time zone and country are selected.

  • Click on “Submit.”


Discord is one of the most popular online communication tools for gamers. Apart from making it simple for users to communicate with each other, Discord also makes it simple to change the ages on their profiles. 

With the help of a few simple steps, you can easily change your age, which may sometimes be necessary if you want to play a game meant for adults. Thus, finding out how to change your age on Discord may sometimes prove fruitful.