If you are wondering how to grow your TikTok page, then a Fueltok review should give you the necessary insights. Fueltok is an automation tool that seeks to grow its users’ TikTok accounts on autopilot mode. They seem to have thousands of happy clients, as seen on their webpage. An independent Fueltok review should give the actual state of things.

Based on Fueltok reviews, Fueltok is more like a TikTok bot, and such activities can lead to a ban or suspension. Despite some positive reviews on their webpage, they seem doctored, hence not an accurate representation of their services. They, however, have a secure HTTPS site, offer a 7-day trial, and have an easy-to-use system in place.

Read on for a full review of Fueltok, its features, safety, legal concerns, and alternatives. 

Fueltok Review: Pros And Cons

Fueltok, a company formerly known as FuelGram, is a TikTok growth service based in Moscow, Russia. And the platform claims to help clients get more views, likes, and followers on TikTok. Their homepage carries the inscription “automate your TikTok growth with Fueltok bot”. 

With the world of social media becoming more extensive daily, millions of users scrabble for engagement and followers. Fueltok has taken advantage of the fact that users of such large social media platforms will find ways to grow their accounts. Fueltok takes the stress of growing a TikTok account off its clients and does the work for them.

With these being said, let us look at some of their good and bad sides. 

Pros Of Fueltok

  • Target the right audience: One of the main advantages Fueltok has over its competitors is being able to target the particular audience of its clients. They require that its customers provide their niche when using its service, which is used to streamline the help they render.
  • Easy to use: Fueltok is designed in a user-friendly manner. Users can easily browse through the site with little or no professional knowledge. With little clicks here and there, you get started with growing your TikTok account.
  • Free Trial: Fueltok offers a 7-day free trial for their clients, as seen on their pricing page. This is a plus for them because not many social media growth companies offer a free trial.

Cons Of Fueltok

  • No FAQ: FAQs are great ways to connect with your customers and answer some of their daunting questions about your sure. However, Fueltok does not have an FAQ section on its site, which can be a turn-off for some clients.
  • Fake-looking reviews: The reviews on their site look really doctored. Most websites choose the best reviews to display on their site, and Fueltok is no exception. Their reviews, however, are not convincing enough that their customers are satisfied with their services.
  • Poor Customer service: Their customer service is abysmal. Anyone buying a product online would want quick access to customer care just in case they need help. Fueltok however does not afford its customers that luxury.

Fueltok Review: Range Of Products And Services

Fueltok has two types of services available for its customers: one involves buying TikTok likes, views, and followers. The other is based on an engagement group. These services are entirely different.

Engagement Group

The engagement group works by having Fueltok mobilize users from the TikTok platform to go through and like clients’ content. It seems like an “auto-like” function, which means the possibility of the users being uninterested in your content is high.

This eventually means that such services are not sustainable for their clients. The acclaimed users aren’t genuinely interested in the client’s content. Therefore, they’re less inclined to follow or engage with the profile again.

Follower Packages

The other service rendered by Fueltok is the follower package, where clients buy the number of likes, views, and followers they need. This service can be used on a one-time basis or through a monthly subscription.

Fueltok claims that its growth packages are organic. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. There is no targeting of real users by Fueltok on behalf of their clients.

The primary reason anyone would pay for a growth service is to have sustainable growth with genuine engagement on their accounts. Fueltok does not actually live up to this expectation.

Anyone looking to grow their page organically and sustainably should consider putting in the work.

Is It Safe And Legal To Use Fueltok Services?

The Fueltok site is safe to use as it uses the HTTPS service. However, based on the Fueltok reviews online, it is clear that this company does not offer real growth to its clients. Though they deliver followers, likes, and views, they are usually not interested in their clients’ content. In the long run, this means that no meaningful growth has occurred on the client’s account.

Having users who are not interested in your content is as good as having none at all, and that is the kind of service Fueltok offers.

For the purpose of this Fueltok review, we can say that TikTok is most likely to ban your account when using Fueltok services. TikTok frowns strongly on the use of bot services and suspends, bans, or removes the content of users with bot activities.

Conclusively, though Fueltok is safe to use, Fueltok reviews online have shown that they don’t deliver as they claim. We cannot guarantee that your funds will be well invested through the use of Fueltok.

Is Fueltok Customer Service Good?

Fueltok cannot boast of having the best customer service. With only an email option available on their site, one wonders how long it will take for a message to be responded to. Their chatbot hardly ever gets answered, so it is as good as not being there. We can therefore say that Fueltok’s customer service is very poor.

Is Fueltok Easy To Use?

The Fueltok platform is easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you are new to social media growth tools or have some experience. You should be able to find your way around the platform.

Fueltok Alternatives

  • UseViral – This company offers social media growth services across several platforms, from TikTok to Instagram, and more.
  • Seek – Seek claims to offer real TikTok followers to its users, powered by AI, who are interested in your content.
  • TokUpgrade – By using this fully managed service, this company can help you become famous on TikTok.


Now you’re equipped with everything from pros and cons to features and safety information regarding Fueltok. As such, this Fueltok review should save you from wasting your hard-earned money on a service that is not reliable.