Have you not had much luck with your Instagram lately and looking for a Foost review to understand the platform better? We have got your back. Foost is a unique growth brand focusing on growing your Instagram account with followers and engagement. But do they provide real engagement or indulge in fake followers?

Foost is one of the leading Instagram growth services in the market that focuses on sending more engagement to your profile. With this Foost review, we analyzed that the platform can stay true to its claim. They do help you gain followers and likes on your profile almost instantly. But, the method behind this hasn’t been too transparent. 

This Foost review will discuss the platform’s benefits and disadvantages. We will also discuss the range of services it offers while debunking its claims.

Foost Review: Pros And Cons 

When using a growth service to increase engagement on your profile, you need to understand the platform better. This is important because you do not want to get your account flagged due to fake followers. 

Pros Of Using Foost

1. Secure

The best part about Foost is the website’s security. They have one of the safest web protocols that encrypt all your communication. With this, it becomes challenging for hackers to access your data. 

2. Transparent Pricing

Foost is very clear about its pricing structure. They have differentiated their packages with all the features that they’ll offer. The platform does not have any other hidden costs.

3. Affordable

Along with a transparent pricing structure, Foost is one of the most affordable growth services in the market. You can get 35,000 Instagram followers at just $9 a week.

Cons Of Using Foost

1. Limited Customer Support

At Foost, the plan you subscribe to determines how good customer support is. Customer service will be subpar if you subscribe to the most basic plan. However, you can access advanced email support if you subscribe to a premium plan.

2. Does Not Offer Free Trial

Foost does not let you try their growth platform for free. This means that you will have to leap trust when you buy their plan. You will know their service and results only when you have paid. 

3. Risks Of Account Flagging

Multiple customers on TrustPilot have complained about their accounts getting flagged by Instagram after using Foost. While we do not have much support to prove this claim, you should try out their service with your backup profile. If your account gets flagged and suspended, it won’t be easy to get it back.

Foost Review: Range Of Services Offered

There are multiple services that Foost claims to offer to its customers. The services would vary between the plans you choose. 

1. Premium Traffic

Foost claims they offer their customers premium, genuine, and active Instagram followers. These profiles are found by comparing your profile to over 100,000 Instagram accounts and targeting the ones that best suit your profile. However, there have been multiple reviews that state otherwise. 

2. Precise Targeting

The growth service also claims that they target the followers you buy through their platform. This means that you will receive followers that are genuinely interested in your profile and would interact organically with you. However, the process of targeting these profiles still needs to be clarified. 

3. Revenue Building

By matching your profile with legit followers, the platform helps you gain more engagement on Instagram. With better engagement, you also get more business opportunities. Revenue building is a great feature to look for when creating a personal brand or looking to grow your small business.

Is It Safe & Legal To Use Foost Services?

Foost is a popular growth agency used by quite a few thousand customers. The platform in itself is safe as it uses a secure web protocol. All your communications are encrypted, and hackers cannot access your data. 

The services offered by Foost aren’t the most legit or safest. While there is nothing illegal about buying followers or liking on Instagram, it is just considered unethical. This is especially true when your followers are bots instead of real people. 

While Foost mentions that they do not use bots for their services, the reviews on Trustpilot suggest otherwise. There is also a chance of your account getting flagged or suspended by using their services.

Is Foost’s Customer Service Good? 

Foost’s customer service isn’t the best on the market. Support varies depending on the pricing plan you choose. If you choose the basic plan, you’ll get access to the basic customer service, which is slow to react. 

However, the higher plans include advanced email support, which is impressive. Also, the customer service team isn’t the most competent. They’ll need a lot of time to answer your questions, especially the technical ones.

Is Foost Easy To Use? 

Foost has a pretty basic interface. They have a one-page website that includes all the services and features they offer. There are not many pages to navigate through. While the website is simple and direct, it can be confusing. 

The company has made many bogus and confusing claims on its webpage without supporting much proof. This just confuses the customer even more. 

You can choose one of their pricing plans to start using their service. Their payment page is interactive, where you need to submit your email address and Instagram username. You can easily make your payment through a credit or debit card.

Foost Alternatives

Not all reviews posted by customers about Foost are positive. However, there are other Instagram growth services that you can try instead. These platforms work very similarly to Foost. In this section of our Foost review, we will discuss the alternatives to this growing platform. 

1. UseViral

UseViral is an Instagram promotion service that works similarly to Foost. You can buy followers, likes, comments, and views for your Instagram profile through this platform. The company helps you get more engagement and impressions on your profile so it can move up on the Explore page.

2. Upleap

If you are looking for targeted organic growth on your website, you can choose Upleap. The platform helps you grow your profile by attracting niche-specific followers. These followers would be inherently interested in the content you post and would organically engage with your profile. 

3. Stellation Media

Unlike Foost, Stellation Media is a marketing agency that handles your Instagram account on your behalf. They use Instagram stories to boost your engagement rate. It offers an intuitive platform where you can track your results and analyze the growth of your profile.


Foost is one of the most popular Instagram growth platforms in the market. The tool works by finding related followers and sending them your way. You can get up to 35,000 followers by spending just $9 a week. The platform is also secure and encrypts your communication. 

However, not all followers that are added to your account are legit. While we could not prove this claim, multiple customer reviews stated that the followers were bots. They even lost followers after a few months. Hence, we suggest using the service on your backup account for a week before trying for the primary one. 

With this Foost review, we hope to have answered all your questions about this service provider.