Famoid Review

Are you looking to grow your social media following and need an in-depth Famoid review? We have got your back. Famoid provides users with Instagram and Tik Tok followers, among other features. The company claims to offer genuine, active followers on social media. But are these claims valid, or is Famoid just another scam? Let’s find out. 

Famoid is one of the biggest social media providers in the industry. They claim to offer high-quality social media services to its users. With this Famoid review, we have analyzed that the services are safe due to their protocol. They are upfront about their costs and do not charge you anything extra. However, they are using bots for social media engagement. 

In this Famoid review, we will delve into the company’s benefits and disadvantages and its features. We’ll also discuss what makes Famoid popular for social media services.

Famoid Review: Pros And Cons

When discussing social media engagement and followers, you must analyze the platform’s benefits and not-so-good parts. This way, you can ensure you are not being scammed out.

The services offered by Famoid have a lot of benefits and a few disadvantages as well. In this section of the Famoid review, we will discuss the pros and cons of this social media growth service.

Pros Of Using Famoid

1. Secure

When you use a third-party website and submit your details to them, you must ensure the website is safe. Famoid uses an ‘HTTPS’ protocol, meaning your personal information cannot be easily hacked. It is one of the safest website protocols.

2. Transparent Pricing

Famoid has no hidden charges when it comes to its pricing structure. They have very straightforward packages that clearly define what they will offer. 

3. Reliable Customer Service

The best thing about Famoid is the reliable customer support. You can contact the support 24/7; they are always ready to help you. They also have a very competent team.

4. Affordable

When compared with other companies in the market, Famoid is quite affordable. They have different packages for various social media platforms. You can gain up to 250 followers at just $5.95. Their highest package, with 2,500 followers, is $39.95 only.

Cons Of Using Famoid

1. Short Term Followers

While you will receive instant followers with Famoid, they only last for a concise term. This means you won’t get continuous engagement on your profile. Some customers have also complained about losing their followers after a few months. 

2. Engagement From Bots

There isn’t much proof, but Famoid probably uses bots for engagement. This means that you would not get engagement from real and active followers. They use botting technology for automatic likes. 

3. Does Not Attract Niche-related Followers

Most people buy followers to grow their business or personal brand. But for any engagement for the business, you need followers that can connect with your brand. Unfortunately, most followers offered by Famoid are bots. Even if some are real followers, they aren’t targeted toward your brand or niche. 

4. No Refunds

While the pricing structure is relatively straightforward, Famoid does not offer any refunds to its customers. This means that if you weren’t satisfied with the engagement offered, there is no way to get your money back.

Famoid Review: Range Of Services

We have already discussed the Pros and Cons of using Famoid. In this Famoid review, we will not talk about the range of services it offers. Famoid offers services for multiple social media platforms. But Instagram still tops their list. 

1. Buying Followers

With Famoid, you can buy followers for your Instagram and TikTok. You can also use their services to buy your YouTube subscribers. With this package, your brand usually grows instantly as the waiting time is skipped. You can buy up to 25,000 followers with Famoid. 

Famoid also offers follower drop protection for all follower packages. If you lose followers you have already bought, the system will automatically replenish those drops for 30 days. Also, you don’t have to enter a password for your account when using the service.

2. Buying Views

If you want to increase your account engagement on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, you can buy the Views package on Famoid. With this package, you can get between 100 and 100,000 views on your videos or reels. Famoid will deliver these views to your account almost immediately. 

The views you buy on Famoid can help you increase your interaction and engagement. Besides video views, you also get impressions and profile visits.

3. Buying Likes

You can also buy automatic or gradual likes for your social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. These Likes help you get discovered by other active users and grow your brand. For example, when you buy one of the packages offered by Famoid, you get instant Likes for your social media profile. You can get between 100 and 25,000 likes for your post.

At Famoid, you can also buy Likes for your Facebook pages. These Likes are delivered gradually so the company doesn’t reject your account. Getting the Likes you paid for can take up to 4 days.

4. Buying Automatic Likes

If you are tired of buying likes for each post on Instagram, you can simply subscribe to the automatic likes package. The service would like every new photo or video you post automatically. This will continue until you receive all the likes you have bought. The automatic likes package is an excellent way to get discovered on the Explore page. 

Is It Safe & Legal To Use Famoid’s Services?

When dealing with a social media service, you must ensure that the platform is safe. Along with this, you should also understand if the services they offer are legal. In this section of the Famoid review, we will analyze whether the services are safe. Additionally, we will also discuss if their services fall under the terms and conditions of social media platforms. 

Using Famoid is absolutely safe, and your personal data won’t be hacked. Famoid uses a very secure ‘HTTPS’ web protocol that encrypts all your communications making it difficult for hackers to access your data. In addition, the platform is very transparent with its pricing model and has no hidden costs. 

You can provide your password when you use Famoid to buy likes, views, or followers. This ensures that you’re always in control of your social media account. This way, all possible complications are avoided.

Along with this, they have pretty secure payment gateways as well. You can make your payment on Famoid through PayPal and SafeCharge. This eliminates the risk of fraud. They are a legit company that satisfies your social media presence needs. 

Famoid is in the business of selling followers and likes. There are no laws set in place against purchasing likes or followers on Social Media. It quickly boosts your follower count and makes you look more popular. 

Buying likes and views are legal but may not fall under the terms and conditions of social media platforms. If your account gets a lot of bot interactions, there’s always a risk of being suspended. And then you won’t be able to get it back. Therefore, you should always use a service that gradually increases your followers and makes them look like real interactions.

Is Famoid’s Customer Service Good? 

When choosing a growth platform, you must select one with good customer service. You can contact them if you have any questions or technical glitches. In this section of the Famoid review, we will discuss the efficiency of Famoid’s customer service team. 

Famoid offers 24*7 customer support for its users. They claim to respond to your messages within 15 minutes or less. Their customer service team has devoted itself to answering questions quickly and efficiently. 

Recently, however, some customers have complained about the team’s inefficiency. They were able to respond to their messages within a few minutes, but they weren’t able to solve the problems. If you have a question about payment, you must wait for about an hour. 

This means that Famoid’s customer service is satisfactory overall. They are answered almost immediately if you’ve general questions about the services. However, if you’ve technical or payment-related questions, they may take some time to be solved.

Is Famoid Easy To Use? 

Since the transactions for your social media growth would go through the platform, it is essential to analyze how easy the interface is. Depending on your package, Famoid will get you the specified number of followers, likes, or views on your profile. 

While Famoid does not have the greatest interface, it is pretty easy to use. You must go to their pricing package and choose the social media platform. You would then need to select a service you like. Famoid does not have any hidden costs. You can choose your package and securely pay it using PayPal or SafeCharge. 

Once your payment goes through, you will automatically receive the likes, followers, or views you paid for. You do not have to interact too much with their interface, and their payment gateway is secure.

Additionally, you do not need to give them your Instagram password. This means they will concentrate solely on sending your followers or likes from outside your profile. This makes the platform slightly less complicated to use.

Famoid Alternatives

Only some of the reviews posted by Famoid’s customers are positive. However, there are other social media growth companies that you can try instead. These companies work similarly to Famoid, and you can grow your social media presence with any of them. This Famoid review will discuss the alternatives to this growing service company. 

1. GetViral.io

GetViral.io is a popular social media growth platform that you can use to buy your followers, likes, or views. The platform is just as affordable as Famoid and offers you a safe and secure platform. Unlike Famoid, you can customize your packages the way you like. You can adjust the speed of the likes and views you receive so that your account does not get flagged. 

2. Viralyft

Viralyft is another popular social media growth platform that targets its services towards Instagram. You can choose this program to gain your account’s likes, views, and followers. The platform provides engagement from real and active Instagram users, so your account does not get flagged or suspended. 

The company also offers 24/7 customer support, just like Famoid. You can clarify all your doubts with human support and get your answers in a few minutes. Additionally, if you aren’t satisfied with their services or engagement, you can apply for a full refund. 

3. SocialPackages.net

SocialPackages is a very similar platform to Famoid. With this service, you can quickly grow your social media accounts and get recognized. The platform offers YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Spotify, Twitter, and SoundCloud services. If you’re new to a social media platform and want to grow your business, SocialPackages.net is a good tool with affordable plans. 

4. ViewsExpert

ViewsExpert is a slightly more seasoned platform when compared with Famoid. It provides you with genuinely interested followers in your account and niche. This is done by analyzing your account, popularity, audience, followers, and engagement. 

They create custom campaigns to grow your account organically. Each campaign is different from the others. While they focus more on YouTube subscribers, you can also use their services to grow your Spotify, Instagram, or Facebook account. 


Famoid is a social media growth platform that offers high-quality social media services to businesses and individuals. It is a good option when you are looking to grow engagement on your profile. The platform has straightforward pricing packages and does not charge you any extra hidden costs. 

Their 24*7 customer support teams make them stand out from their competition. However, most of the followers and likes they offer are bots. This means that you will lose it from your account after a month or so. So, they are suitable for instant engagement but not for an extended period.

You should also ensure you use their services sparingly, as it can flag and suspend your account. We hope we’ve clarified your doubts and answered your questions with our Famoid review.