If you use Instagram, a common question you might ask is, “Can you tell if someone screenshots your Instagram Story?”. Instagram Stories are temporary.

This means that the pictures or videos appearing in a Story are not available forever. Nonetheless, users often feel like saving a specific video or photo from another user’s Story. Thus, they take screenshots of Story images.

Instagram does not send you text messages or email notifications when someone screenshots photos from your Story. However, it does send indicators to users when someone screenshots their pictures. Firstly, a starburst shape appears next to the screenshot image, which you cannot remove. Secondly, Instagram sends a direct message to the user whose photo has been screenshot by someone.

Let’s take a closer look at this popular platform and what happens when someone takes a screenshot of your Story.

A Bit About Instagram

Instagram is a famous social media channel that allows you to share content in the form of photos and videos with your followers. Meta Platforms currently own this American company, and it will enable users to modify their content with the help of several filters.

Instagram also allows users to use hashtags to popularize their posts and make them visible to users worldwide.

Although Instagram was launched for iOS users only, the rising popularity of the social media platform inspired the makers to come up with the Android version as well. According to recent data, Instagram has more than 500 million worldwide users.

Can You Tell If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story?

Are you wondering about the question, “Can You Tell If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story?” Unfortunately, social media had removed the option that told users when their stories were screenshots by others.

Nonetheless, Instagram still notifies users with subtle notifications when someone screenshots your pictures from your Story.

  • When a user screenshots your photos from your Instagram Stories, a starburst shape appears next to the screenshot image. Since there is no way to get rid of this icon, sharing the same will mean letting others know you had screenshotted the photo.

  • The second way Instagram notifies you when someone screenshots your images is by sending you a message in the section of direct message. The message will be from the user who took the screenshot, and the message will read as “screenshot” with the time.

Neither of these notifications is a popup notification and is more subtle. However, it will not be wrong to say that these are mere indicators to let you know when someone has taken a screenshot of your photos from your Instagram Stories.


Instagram is a popular social media platform where users share videos and photos with their followers. However, many users might feel like taking a screenshot of others’ Stories’ images.

In such cases, Instagram does not send a popup notification but a subtle indication when others take screenshots of your pictures. This should answer your question, “Can You Tell If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story?”