Buzzoid Review

A typical Buzzoid review should help you with the information needed to decide whether the platform is good or not. Though popular among the different social media promotion platforms, Buzzoid has its positive and negative features to explore. So, what will you get to know from this Buzzoid review, and is this company right for you?

Buzzoid is a great platform to raise your Instagram account from dormant to active. It offers three primary services: likes, followers, and views, and breaks them into packages for easier accessibility. There are many advantages of using Buzzoid, from speedy results to affordability, a money-back guarantee, etc. StormLikes, Follower Adder, and Jarvee are some alternatives to try.

This Buzzoid review will offer an in-depth exploration of the Buzzoid platform. With this comprehensive Buzzoid review, you should be able to determine if the company passes as your next choice. Ensure you read to the end, so you won’t miss any vital details.

Buzzoid Review: Pros And Cons

Buzzoid is a popular platform that offers views, likes, and followers for your Instagram account. However, it doesn’t operate for free, and you must be willing to pay the meager amount it charges.

With Buzzoid, you can quickly boost the image of your account via artificial bots. It can bring your account to life, gain you the desired recognition and expose you to potential clients worldwide. 

Though this site is terrific, this Buzzoid review reveals the good and bad sides of the platform. Weighing the pros and cons can tell the worthiness of the platform as examined below:

Pros Of Buzzoid

There are many benefits of using Buzzoid to grow your account. Some of them are highlighted below:

High Follower Retention Rate

When using Buzzoid service, rest assured that your followers will remain loyal to your account. Unlike other platforms that offer followers only to have them drop, Buzzoid ensures your followers remain consistent. 

You’ll only lose followers if your account is removed or suspended, which won’t be beneficial. It’s nice because your followers will still be there even if you don’t use it for a long time. This will help you impress marketers who want to work with you.

More Followers Than You Ordered

One exciting bonus about Buzzoid is that they’ll offer you more followers than you had ordered. For instance, you may pay $3 for 100 new followers but expect roughly 15% more than that.

The technology they employ to serve you followers isn’t always going to function as planned. Therefore, they don’t put all their eggs in one basket and hope you’ll obtain the 100 followers you bought.

With this, you can rest assured you will receive at least the number of followers you ordered. Even if a code is broken or something goes wrong with an account meant to follow you, you’re entirely covered.

Speedy Results

Buzzoid begins to deliver the moment you tap on the “purchase button. It’s just as you expect to see your followers grow; your followers will begin to grow within minutes. Expect to see as many followers as you ordered reflected on your account within a few hours.

Money-Back Guarantee

Buzzoid is ready to pay back your money if you’re unsatisfied with their services. You would hardly find other brands willing to do so.

Within the first 30 days, you can request a full refund if you aren’t entirely pleased or receiving the desired effects. It doesn’t matter if you paid $3 or $40 for followers. You’ll still get the same results. Buzzoid is genuine, and they promise to do all it takes to fix the situation.


Buzzoid offers a selection of different plans. It’s excellent that you can gain a hundred followers with as little as three dollars. If you aren’t seeking too many followers, Buzzoid has an option for you too.

Larger follower counts are available in various packages, with the highest offering of 10,000 for less than $75. You would hardly find this elsewhere!

Cons Of Buzzoid

In this section of our Buzzoid review, we’ll examine some of the downfalls of this platform. Let’s explore them below:

Slow Customer Services

For someone used to speedy responses from customer services, you may find Buzzoid slow. The platform doesn’t have a live chat feature which is quite disappointing.

This doesn’t mean you cannot find answers to your queries. The platform still gives responses promptly to your mail.

Poor Mobile Version

The desktop version is excellent, that’s for sure. However, the mobile version has some little glitches that should be addressed. Though it functions as intended, it is challenging to read due to its small size. You may keep tapping accidentally on the many links that litter the page.

I believe that updating and improving the mobile site will significantly impact the long term. It wouldn’t be a problem if not for the fact that many users prefer to use mobile phones over PCs.

Buzzoid Review: Range Of Products/Services

Buzzoid isn’t stacked with multiple offers that confuse visitors and eventually turn them away. Their services are broken down into three major categories, as shown below:


Likes are the first of the three offerings from Buzzoid. It is vital as it may boost your Instagram posts’ visibility, interaction, and success. 

Buzzoid boasts that its “100% authentic” likes originate from legitimate accounts managed by actual individuals. With this service, you may purchase a certain number of likes and distribute them over many posts. You can also choose to use the service within a specific time frame. Buzzoid splits its like service into two categories which are High-Quality Likes and Premium Likes.


Possessing a large number of likes but no followers raise several red flags. For this reason alone, you don’t want to use only the likes feature on your account.

Buzzoid is aware of this. Therefore it lets Instagram users purchase followers and likes. The website asserts that, just as their likes service, the followers are genuine users. It also splits this service into High Quality and Active Followers.


Finally, the company offers services to increase your views. If your account is more video-focused, you probably need to ignore the likes part and focus on growing your views. 

It’s not hidden that the Instagram algorithm favors accounts with higher view counts. Instagram will give more relevance to a recent video that’s gathering more views than one with likes but no actual views. 

Views also tend to carry less danger. Likes and followers might be removed from your account if Instagram discovers you paid for them. However, it can’t make people stop watching your videos once they’ve already seen them. 

Even without a huge fanbase, it’s not impossible to get a few hundred to a few thousand views. This can mean two things – for one, Instagram is less likely to flag your page for further investigation. Second, unlike with the likes service, you don’t need to get followers alongside views. Purchasing views is a viable option for maintaining a credible persona.

Is It Safe & Legal To Use Buzzoid?

The first sign that Buzzoid can be trusted is its security certificate which is evident from the website. Users can rest assured that their details are not in the open on the website. Also, it uses payment systems like Norton or PayPal, which adds a layer of security. If you use these payment options, there’s nothing to worry about.

Also, the fact that the site shows off its customer feedback on product pages proves it has nothing to hide. The default action of the platform for customers is submitting a review, which is excellent for maintaining transparency with paying customers.

These customers seemed pleased with the constant five-star Buzzoid review line that graces the site. There are also positive reviews from IG, bolstering their reputation.

Buzzoid, to its credit, felt compelled to compile a comprehensive and instructive FAQ. You’ll find this both beneficial and enjoyable to read. If you have further questions, you must fill out an email form under their customer service area.

It’s not feasible for all businesses to have customer service representatives available at all hours by phone or online chat. But we don’t doubt that Buzzoid’s impressive customer service will only become more reliable over time.

Is Buzzoid’s Customer Service Good?

You’ll find there are mixed feelings regarding customer service when reading a typical Buzzoid. But Buzzoid has excellent customer service, which is an additional advantage. You’ll hear from them when it comes to addressing technical issues and answering inquiries about the company’s services.

It won’t take long to get in touch with them, and in certain situations, you may be able to do so immediately. This is based on Buzzoid reviews from other independent platforms. A good number of customers are impressed. However, there are still some complaints with regard the customer service.

It’s worth noting that the site doesn’t have a live chat feature, which may throw some people off. A live chat feature assures customers that the platform will respond to them in seconds. However, with its absence, the best-case scenario is that they will react within a day. On the other hand, the worst-case scenario is that it will take two days which is not bad anyway.

Is Buzzoid Easy To Use?

Buzzoid review shows that when it comes to ease of use, Buzzoid is a piece of cake. From a brilliant interface to ease of access, Buzzoid makes the work easy. To use Buzzoid, you only need to take it step-by-step.

First, choose a bundle from their different packages. It’s excellent that Buzzoid gives its customers a say in which plan best fits their needs. Sometimes, you may have to go for large bundles to get what you want. 

This implies no pricing tiering, so you may wind yourself paying for services you don’t need. Still, there are worse things to have, so it’s not that big of a worry.

After choosing your bundle, you proceed to open an account. At this stage, don’t be concerned about Buzzoid demanding personal information. 

You’ll need to open an account and log in. Verification may also be necessary. You can start purchasing services and watching your Instagram expand when your account is set up. Buzzoid boasts that its features may be delivered in as little as one hour.

Buzzoid Alternatives

There may be no reason for you to quit Buzzoid, judging from the Buzzoid review discussed. However, here are some alternatives you may want to check out:


As the name implies, StormLikes is an active and reliable platform for the best services in terms of likes. Their central selling point is the way they care for their clients. StormLikes doesn’t just aid in terms of accountability but also their delivery.

They make sure the services are smooth and satisfying for your own merit. Aside from likes, there are also packages for views and followers. With an easy signup process, you’re good to go.

Follower Adder

Seeking a platform that can do more than just work on your mobile phone? Why not hurry and try out Follower Adder? This platform is compatible with Windows, Mac, and even Linux. 

It’s basically like software you can download and set up on your system. With this, you can take charge of all your operations from one central dashboard.


Jarvee is a platform similar to Follower Adder in operations, especially for its downloadable feature. Once installed on your computer, you’ll find it has a user-friendly interface, making it fun to try.

Among Jarvee’s many great features is the ability to oversee many Instagram profiles simultaneously. You should give Jarvee a try if you take Instagram interaction seriously.


Buzzoid is good, no doubt. So, if you want to boost that account, you should opt for its services. This Buzzoid review should prove it, so there’s no reason to hesitate.