Did you know reading a Blastup review is necessary for any Instagram owner who wishes to grow their account? It will help you conclude about Blastup, its services, and whether the brand is worth trying. 

Blastup is a company that provides users with a safe and ethical means to grow and engage on Instagram. Companies posting on Instagram need their posts to reach the target audience. However, the competition is immense, but Blastup comes in to connect brands with the right audience. It provides exceptional customer service, 24/7 support, and automatic delivery of views and likes. 

Read this Blastup review to discover more about the brand, its pros, cons, and alternatives.

Blastup Review: Pros And Cons

A crucial part of the Blastup review involves examining the pros and cons of the company. The pros and cons of its products and services will help you weigh its merits. 

Here is a list of the company’s pros and cons.

Pros Of Using Blastup

  • Top-notch support: The site claims you can always look forward to exceptional customer service with the company.
  • Free trial: The free trial will help you determine whether or not you like their services. Blastup provides ten likes for the free trial.
  • Blastup claims to use real people: It means that there are no fake accounts, ghosts, or bots.
  • Affordable plans: The affordability ensures you can stick to your budget and save money.
  • Automatic delivery: With each new post, the company facilitates immediate likes.
  • They do not need your passwords: It means you do not need to worry about your Instagram content or information interference.
  • You can cancel their services at any time.
  • Instant detection of new posts.
  • It has a secure site.
  • It has a FAQ page. The page answers most of your questions on how the brand delivers its services.

Cons Of Using Blastup

  • Blastup needs to state how many likes you should expect on a monthly flat rate. Thus, there is no way you can determine whether acquiring the services is worth it or not.
  • Lack of transparency. The company does not indicate who is following your account or liking your posts. 
  • The company states that it is the only site that provides real followers and likes. However, other sites that offer the same services exist.
  • Blastup has several negative reviews from a significant number of users. This may hurt a new user’s interest and trust level.
  • Its FAQ page is minimal.
  • The website does not have a help page.

Blastup Review: Range Of Products And Services

Blastup, previously called Gramblast.com, allows users to purchase new followers and likes. You can also use it for automatic likes at a flat monthly rate. The brand claims to provide adequate social media marketing.

The service provider claims to offer 24/7 customer support. However, customer Blastup reviews on Trustpilot indicate this is not the case. It has an easy-to-use system and claims to give users immediate responses to new Instagram posts. 

A crucial part of its services is the purchase of followers and likes. You can choose to buy one or a combination of both services.

In addition, the company provides users with other services. Here is a list of the services and products you can get from the company. 

  • Purchase automatic views on Instagram.
  • Purchase Instagram likes.
  • Purchase automatic likes on Instagram.
  • Purchase Instagram followers.
  • Purchase Instagram view.

The above are the primary packages that Blastup provides you. In addition, they have an active follower counter and Instagram photo downloader. 

Moreover, the company offers users only ten free likes for its free trial. With every new post or order you make, Blastup claims:

  • High-quality views and followers.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Unmatched prices for engagement.
  • Real likes from humans with high-quality accounts.
  • A delay aspect that offers you time to adjust the rate of engagement.
  • Instant service delivery after payment processing.

Blastup’s pricing concerns the number of likes you wish to get. For instance, if you want 50 likes each time you upload a video or image, it will cost you about $9.99 a month. 

Is It Safe & Legal To Use Blastup Products & Services?

One of the most vital aspects consumers look forward to in any website is their safety. However, the meaning of safe differs from one individual to another. It can include secure sites, sharing personal information, or storing personal data.

Blastup provides you with a secure website. You will notice that its website has the HTTPs feature and a lock, indicating a secure site. The merits of a secure website include the following:

  • Prevention from a data breach.
  • Financial fraud protection.
  • Business continuity.
  • Protection from legal penalties.

Thus, Blastup’s secure site protects customer information as you use the website. In addition, the site does not require your password to operate. 

The lack of password use facilitates a significant plus for you. It means that you have total control of your account and that the site cannot change anything in your account.

One primary legal issue with the website is copyright violation. Blastup’s previous name Gramblast.com violated Instagram’s copyright law against using the word “Gram”. Note that Instagram has copyrights of the words: IG, gram, and Insta, making Gramblast rebrand its name.

Is Blastup Customer Service Good?

Blastup claims to provide users with 24/7 top-notch support. However, reviews from Trustpilot indicate that the company offers poor customer support. About 88% of Blastup reviews on Trustpilot are negative. 

Some users claim the site is a scam. One individual stated that they purchased likes, and it worked. However, Blastup did not deliver the services as agreed. Also, the individual claimed that there were customer service representatives with terrible English.

The lack of many positive Blastup reviews indicates that the company needs to meet its claim of exceptional customer service. Research from Trustpilot also shows that Blastup provides fake engagement.

The free trial given by Blastup includes only ten likes. However, these ten likes do not provide an excellent basis for establishing whether the site is worthy. 

In addition, the company has a trust score of 58% from Scamadviser. Scamadviser adds that Blastup has several negative reviews from users.

Blastup has a very bright and attractive website. It can easily attract most young people. However, research indicates that it needs to offer the high-quality services it claims.

Is Blastup Easy To Use?

The process of buying from Blastup is relatively straightforward. It includes the following steps:

  • Choose the package you need.
  • Select the quantity and click on buy.
  • Key in your Instagram name.
  • Complete making payment.
  • Wait for service delivery.

A significant part of the website’s claim is that you will get instant delivery of the required services after payment. However, Blastup does not provide an alternative time if you receive instant delivery of your order.

Blastup Alternatives

The negative Blastup reviews from consumers in Trustpilot indicate a significant need for you to search for an alternative. Moreover, these negative reviews from users reveal that Blastup has a gap that needs filling. 

Here is a list of three of Blastup’s alternatives to consider.

1. Buzzoid

Like Blastup, Buzzoid provides Instagram users with likes and followers. It has been in the market for ages and serves millions of users. 

The website works with Instagram accounts only. The specialization ensures they will use the best practices on your social network.

Compared to Blastup, Buzzoid’s pricing is higher. The company promotes engagement with followers and has an automatic follower-adding program that works every time a client uploads a video or image. Buzzoid has positive reviews from customers.

2. Kickstar

Kickstar is also an excellent Blastup alternative. It promises users organic followers and provides Instagram growth services. The website claims to use Artificial Intelligence technology in Instagram growth and denies using bots and spamming.

Kickstar works by finding profiles that are the same as yours. They then engage you with the target audience. The company uses automated systems to help you understand which hashtag or page is helpful and has more reach. 

3. Yo Viral

Yo Viral provides services similar to Blastup, offering views and likes from real Instagram users. They deliver the views and likes immediately after payment. Yo Viral encourages its customers to draw likes and views over an extended time to avoid triggering the algorithms of Instagram.

The site detects new uploads automatically and is an easy-to-use platform that only takes a two-click process. You can also take less than a minute to place an order. 

All they require from you is a username and a plan selection. Once you complete placing the order, Yo Viral begins to provide its services, depending on your set plan.


The claims on Blastup indicate that it is an excellent site to help you grow your Instagram account. However, research from trusted sources such as Trustpilot shows negative reviews from its customers. 

Furthermore, the copyright violation by Blastup acts as a red flag about the company. So, it is up to you to make an informed decision. Irrespective, the above Blastup review has touched on what you need to know about the social media growth service provider.