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My Road to a Free Kindle Touch

Posted December 10th, 2011 by John

Note: This is the first in a series of posts about saving money with one of my recent purchases– a Kindle Touch with Offers.

Amazon offers two versions of most models in its Kindle line of e-Book Readers: one with offers and one without. The offers shown on a Kindle display couldn’t be less distracting and are often very good. This version is the one I ordered for $99 a couple weeks ago.

A week or two after receiving my Kindle, I spotted an offer that was as good as cash: “$5 off an purchase of $10 or more”. I say “as good as cash” because Amazon sells most everything you need to spend your money on anyways. [Update: One Bountii user tells me they saw a similar offer a few months ago: “Buy a $20 Gift Card for $10″]

example kindle offer

So, with my $5 off coupon, I can say that I basically paid $95 ($99 - $5) for my Kindle. Provided these offers keep showing up from time to time, it’s quite possible that my Kindle will pay for itself! This journey is just what I’ll be chatting about here on our blog. Stayed tuned.

Compare Product Specs

Posted October 4th, 2011 by Samir

This year, Samsung released eight different models of blu-ray players. Figuring out the differences between them isn’t easy. We’ve added a new feature on Bountii that should help with this task. Say you’re looking at pricing on the Samsung BD-D5300. Over on the right side, below the pricing chart, you can see the pricing on all of Samsung’s current blu-ray players. Click the “compare” link next to any of the models, and you’ll see a side-by-side comparison of the two. For example, here is a table showing specifications for the Samsung BD-D5300 vs. BD-5500. This page gives a pretty good snapshot of the differences between the two.

We’re still working out some bugs in the feature and collecting specifications for more products, but we wanted to release this feature quickly, because we’ve found it pretty useful in our own shopping. Let us know what you think!

Samsung UN55D8000 Bundle Pricing is Funny!

Posted September 25th, 2011 by Samir

We’ve recently started listing bundle deals on our product pages. Looking at the bundle prices carefully, you can see a lot of odd pricing. Take a look at our product page for the Samsung UN55D8000.

Vanns is charging $518 more to include the Samsung BD-BD5500 Blu-Ray Player and the Samsung Megamind 3D Starter Kit. If you buy these individually from Vanns, you’ll pay only $479.

Amazon will include a 3D Kit and Blu-Ray Player for only $73 more. That’s $250 less than buying them separately. This deal seems to make sense.

Buydig charges $249 for a bundle including a 3D Kit. The kit contains some HDMI cables and two pairs of Samsung SSG-3100GB 3D Glasses. The value of these items on About $125.

TigerDirect is charging less for a bundle then just the standalone TV. The difference in price comes from charging less shipping on the bundle (try zip code 60563), for many people.

Dell doesn’t even sell the standalone TV. You can buy a bundle including the BD-D5500 and a $400 gift card. Or, for $1 more, you can upgrade to the Samsung BD-D6500. You won’t get the $400 gift card in that bundle though! You’d be better off buying the BD-D5500 bundle and using the gift card to upgrade the blu-ray player. You’d still be left with $250 on your gift card!

Your Guide to Buying the Right Size HDTV

Posted August 10th, 2010 by John

With the falling prices of HDTVs each year, large screen TVs are within reach of many people such that a common concern among TV buyers is choosing too big of a TV.

To address this issue, we recommend you turn to the people at THX for a rule of thumb (FYI: THX is an expert at bringing the best cinema experience to your home): According to THX, “To determine the best seat-to-screen distance in your living room for a 1080p display, THX recommends dividing the diagonal screen by .84. For example, a plasma or LCD TV with a 65-inch screen divided by .84 equals a 77-inch viewing distance (6.5 feet).”

To save you from doing the calculation yourself, THX spells things out:

  • If you’ll sit 3.5 to 5 feet away, buy a 35-inch class TV
  • If you’ll sit 4 to 6 feet away, buy a 40-inch class TV
  • If you’ll sit 5 to 7.5 feet away, buy a 50 inch class TV
  • If you’ll sit 6 to 9 feet away, buy a 60-inch class TV

And don’t forget how easy Bountii makes it to shop different sizes of HDTVs with our “More to Explore” feature! For instance, checking out our Samsung UN55D7000 55-inch HDTV page, you can easily see how you can save or spend hundreds of dollars by purchasing the 46-inch or 60-inch version.

Last Days of Bing Cashback

Posted June 29th, 2010 by John

As we mentioned on our Twitter account earlier this month, Microsoft is shutting down their Bing Cashback program. You still have until 9PM PST on July 30, to receive cashback on Bing Shopping purchases. After that, you’ll no longer be able to get cashback through Bing and won’t see a Cashback Price from Bing in Bountii’s price listings.

You can tell from our previous posts on Bing Cashback that we were never fans of the program…

Blu-ray Players with Amazon Video On Demand

Posted June 25th, 2010 by John

We recently told you about Blu-ray players that let you easily stream Netflix content to your TV. If you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee to companies like Netflix, there is another good option– Amazon Video On Demand. While most every big name manufacturer offers a Blu-ray player with Netflix streaming, only a couple (listed below) give you access to Amazon Video.

Sony BDP-S370

Sony BDP-S470

Sony BDP-S570 Wi-Fi

Panasonic DMP-BD65

Panasonic DMP-BD85 Wi-Fi

Note, Amazon Video On Demand is not free. On most occasions you’ll have to pay up to $4.99 to stream a recently released movie in HD or up to $2.99 to stream an episode of a TV series in HD. They run specials all the time where you can stream a movie or TV episode at a reduced price or for free. And you should find the video quality to be quite good.

Two Ways To Follow Us On Twitter

Posted June 16th, 2010 by John

@bountii: Company updates, special alerts and more

@bountii_deals: Our Price Drops stream

Blu-ray Players with Netflix Streaming

Posted June 15th, 2010 by John

While many of you have a subscription to Netflix, you probably are not taking advantage of Netflix’s streaming service.  These days there are a number of Blu-ray players available in the $100 to $300 price range that allow you to max out the entertainment value of your Netflix subscription.

Listed below are 2010 Bluray players with Netflix streaming capability. For your convenience, we distinguished those that have built-in Wi-Fi (otherwise you have to run an ethernet cable to the Blu-ray player).

Samsung BD-C5500

Samsung BD-C6500 Wi-Fi

Samsung BD-C6900 Wi-Fi

Samsung BD-C7500 Wi-Fi

Sony BDP-S370

Sony BDP-S470

Sony BDP-S570 Wi-Fi

Panasonic DMP-BD65

Panasonic DMP-BD85 Wi-Fi

LG BD550

LG BD570 Wi-Fi

LG BD590 Wi-Fi

Toshiba BDX2500

Toshiba BDX2700 Wi-Fi

Bountii Listed as a Top Site for Saving Money on Tech by CNET

Posted April 15th, 2010 by John

Rafe Needleman of CNET just wrote a nice article about ways to save money on your tech purchases on a new section of CNET called “CNET to the Rescue”. In it, he called Bountii “The most interesting price-finding site”, which we could not agree with more!

Popular on Bountii

Posted December 30th, 2009 by John

While most of you already took note of a recent site addition, we’d like to to point it out to others. At the top of every page on, you’ll now see a few links that direct to pages of our most popular deals (by category — HDTVs, GPS and more!). Definitely check it out: View Popular HDTVs

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