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New Public API Released

Posted November 16th, 2012 by Samir

Pretty much since the day we first launched Bountii, we’ve seen users manually copying our pricing data to their own sites. We’ve caught a surprisingly large number of the top deals sites doing it, as well as several smaller sites. There’s really no way for us to stop anyone from doing this, so we’re trying the opposite approach - make it easier and cheaper for anyone to query our data. A couple of days ago, we released a new version of our API that is open for anyone to use. If you’re a site owner and want to include our pricing results, the API is completely free. You’ll have to pay some minimal charges if you want to use the API for your own internal processing or data analysis. To get started, go to¬† You’ll need a free Bountii account to register and get your API credentials. We look forward to seeing the creative ways you use our data!

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