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Not a Dent To Be Found in My Logitech “Dented Box” Purchase

Posted February 28th, 2012 by Mark was running a special on a “dented box” version of the mk550 Wireless Wave Combo a few days ago. At $39.99 shipped, it seemed like a pretty good deal. The next best price was around $55, including shipping. I was skeptical of the dented box part, but the description of the product condition convinced me to make the purchase:

Dented Box items from Logitech are products whose outer box has been torn, scratched, dented, or has other markings on it. The product itself is guaranteed to be in brand new condition and fully warranted. Sales are limited to quantities on hand. Limit 1 per customer.

I couldn’t figure out any reason to care about the condition of the box. I was likely going to throw it out anyway, so I decided go ahead and order.

The package arrived a couple days later (earlier than estimated). I fully expected to open the box and be horrified with the condition. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box, as it looked totally new. Certainly, the condition was as good as any box I’ve gotten from a local store. When I looked very closely, I did manage to see one small imperfection. It’s more noticeable in the below photo than it is in person.

If Logitech hadn’t advertised this item as dented box, I wouldn’t even have thought to complain about it. Either they have very high standards for the packaging of their products or this is just a way for them to sell items at a lower price without lowering the retail price. As long as I get a cheaper price, I don’t really care!

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