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My Road to a Free Kindle Touch

Posted December 10th, 2011 by John

Note: This is the first in a series of posts about saving money with one of my recent purchases– a Kindle Touch with Offers.

Amazon offers two versions of most models in its Kindle line of e-Book Readers: one with offers and one without. The offers shown on a Kindle display couldn’t be less distracting and are often very good. This version is the one I ordered for $99 a couple weeks ago.

A week or two after receiving my Kindle, I spotted an offer that was as good as cash: “$5 off an purchase of $10 or more”. I say “as good as cash” because Amazon sells most everything you need to spend your money on anyways. [Update: One Bountii user tells me they saw a similar offer a few months ago: “Buy a $20 Gift Card for $10″]

example kindle offer

So, with my $5 off coupon, I can say that I basically paid $95 ($99 - $5) for my Kindle. Provided these offers keep showing up from time to time, it’s quite possible that my Kindle will pay for itself! This journey is just what I’ll be chatting about here on our blog. Stayed tuned.

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